Summer 2019 – Day 33

After a chilled morning FaceTiming Frankie, Lynsey and Lexa came to play, we were all taking it in turns to lie on the duvet whilst the grown ups swung us about in it.

We were chasing balloons and helicopters and laughing our heads off.

And eating our body weight in ginger nuts!

Until Daddy’s parachute men arrived. They weren’t so fun 🙄

When Lynsey and Lexa left we got on our trike for a trike ride. We are so lucky to have so much on our doorstep and we explored local. Mummy loves having some independence again.

We went to the ponds to see the ducks and Nannie and the volunteers tending the pond bankings, planters and painting up the benches.

We went to the park and we went to the train station to watch the trains.

We were out 3 hours. Mums legs and arms were aching.

Austin fell asleep in the way back.

We’ve been much better today, just a bit more worn out as we build ourselves back up. We had an early bath with mum and Nannie and played in our room whilst the grown ups sorted our new wardrobe out. It was at this point the grown ups noticed the rash on Austin. We will see what tomorrow brings. 😩

And then eventually we were all tucked up in bed for another good night (hopefully) 🤞🏼

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