Summer 2019 – Day 31

A day behind again….just about keeping heads above water! 😕

We started the morning with Austin throwing up all over the kitchen and the playroom.

Daddy went to work and Mummy decided that we all needed fresh air and an excuse for mummy to be brave and try the new twin trike in her own.

Mummy worked out that with Austin, Rory, the weight of the bike and the medical equipment she is pushing nearly equal to her own body weight up the beastly hills of Milton.

We managed a steady 3.3 miles and mums arms and legs were like jelly.

When we got home Nannie visited and we were all smiles again…

And then the afternoon went downhill. Rory was crying (he never cries) and was patting his tummy indicating he had tummy ache. Austin was really sad and not his usual self and so mummy and us ended up camping on the kitchen floor and then the playroom floor just chilled my feeling poorly.

Austin and Rory both fell asleep. Austin slept best part of 4 hours and didn’t wake til 630. We knew that meant a rubbish nights sleep but he obviously needed the sleep.

As per usual there’s always a drama and today’s was a water leak on our street cutting off our water supply right before bath time.

So instead we jumped in the car in our pjs and drove. We looked for a local gent who has gone missing, Brian. With no luck.

We went home and chilled for a few hours knowing that bedtime was not upon us. They had poorly slept most of the day.

At 1030, we just about got them to sleep with a lap in the car. Carried them in and climbed into bed with them.

And breathe!

Hopefully the missing parts of the new bed will be here in time for tomorrow’s bedtime!

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