Summer 2019 – Day 27

Mummy was so exhausted yesterday that we are a day behind!

Thursday 15th August.

Daddy was off work today and so we had a family day. We went to Kirklees light railway. It was really quiet and calm and it was just nice not rushing or queuing. Last time we went it was the Thomas weekend. Today was just standard light railway although Austin spotted Toby and Mavis and was so excited about it. We had shocked faces when we went under the tunnel but Rory was laughing at the end when we saw light again.

We even managed to go on the mini train for the first time ever. Mummy and daddy felt proud!

Afterwards we went for a mcds. We ate it in the car. Rory threw a chicken nugget and it landed straight in the box. He laughed and laughed. We all did.

And then we went to the experience Barnsley museum which was great and mummy particularly would have loved to look, listen and learn but we much preferred the fountains outside which mummy only let us one our hand in, twice.

We played for 15 min on the park next to the police station in town and then went home, with a quick stop off to see uncle key and then screwfix with another quick stop off at the shop to help Rory perk up with sugar.

A chilled few hours before bedtime and another day has passed.

Just like that!

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