Summer 2019 – Day 25

Mum braved it and took us out without a plus one!

We went to jolly tots at penistone. We got their for opening. Well, we were meant to get there for opening but Rory wouldn’t get out of Nannie Dis car when she brought him back from his sleepover and Austin was trying to get in. Ending with Rory lay on the floor having a stress in his pjs at the top of the drive.

Then Austin button pushing whilst Rory is in the office hiding under the chair refusing to get dressed.

Mum had already lost her shizzle and we hadn’t even left the house!

We got there. It was lovely. It actually was. We met Louisa and Katie and it was relatively chilled because it was super quiet and the risks were low.

Despite having already having breakfast, being able to see the counter wasn’t helpful. We had quavers, more quavers, gingerbread men and more gingerbread men, raisins and a gimmick egg thing that cost a fortune and was absolute pants.

We made it home in one piece and mum felt pleased with herself.

The afternoon was a battle, everyone was tired and grumpy and bored of being stuck inside and so when daddy got home we walked Beau with the twin trike.

And faced our first actual battle about who was sitting at the front. So mum had to bribe with sweets and make us swap half way.

And a screw dropped off the trike and we were in suspense the whole way home, not knowing if we would actually make it home. We did. And we replaced the screw.

Oh the drama!

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