Summer 2019 – Day 24

Love Bombing Mondays! Daddy has booked a day off work to spend a day with each of us, on our own, quality 1:1 time. Nannie has had one of us and mummy has had a day off to get jobs done!

Austin’s day;

Nannie Di came to collect Rory and I tried to hitch a ride but Daddy reminded me that we were going on the train so i raised my arm and went ‘choo choo’ with excitement. We set off for the train station, walking like a big boy, rucksack on my back because I wanted to carry all of my things, not Daddy.  When we got to the station, we had a short wait, I sat on the chair and I felt a bit nervous. Daddy kept telling me what to expect and eventually the train pulled in and I was scared. I shouted ‘no no no’ but Daddy scooped me up and we got on together. I sat next to Daddy and we made our way to Meadowhall.

When we got to Meadowhall, we made our way over the foot bridges, I was happy as larry taking it all in. We went straight to the toy shop and had a look round. I got really giddy, Daddy said that I could have something to take home at the end of the day. We went to the lego shop next and I played with the bricks for a while, like a really grown up kid with my hood up and my rucksack on.

From the lego shop, we had a mooch round some other shops and I went up the rainbow steps, walked down the escalator near the cinema and spotted some wotsits in GT news. I was queuing minding my own, waiting to pay, when they big guy in front of me stepped back a bounced me flat on the floor. I picked myself up and together with my wotsits made my way to softplay on the lanes for a little play and then McDs for my dinner, putting the wotsits back in my bag.

I finished my Happy Meal and we walked to the Riverside Play and I sat and ate my wotsits, watching everyone play. Working it all out before I took my shoes off and jumped in.

I had a great time.

We called at the toy shop on the way back to the station, I chose two paw patrol toys. Couldn’t wait to get home and play with them.

As we waited at the station for the train home, I was entertaining the old people on the platform, giving them all high fives. I’m a real showman, everyone loves me and I love their attention even more.

When we got home, I told Grandad about my adventures as he was working across the road from our house, then I walked Beau with Daddy and we went to the recycle plant in his truck with Mummy.

Mummy did my bath and bed time because she had missed me and so Daddy could do some paperwork. We giggled away, having cuddles and I dropped off. I’m such a happy, loving and cheeky little fella and I have had a cracking day with my Dad.

Daddy said that he knew I was having the best time because I kept giving him cuddles and kisses for no reason, all day long.

Rory’s Day;

As Mummy and Nannie put me in her new car (it was my first time) and Austin was being grumpy because he wasn’t coming, I was giggling my head off. I have such a cheeky sense of humour.

Nannie took me to Brampton Park, but they were re-tarmacing the lower park, right by the steps which I love to march up and down, were the buckets of water and the tools. I couldn’t control my curiosity, neither could Nannie and so in the end we went. Nannie’s curiosity got the better of her too as she had heard about a sale at Cortonwood Retail Park and so she stopped off on the way, i wasn’t game. She tried to take me into a shop. Lets all laugh together. No way. She barely made it through the door before changing her mind and taking me back to the car. Mummy was at Cortonwood too. She rang Nannie to see if everything was ok, and whilst on the phone she spotted us. She came to help because I was refusing to get back in the car seat and Nannie needed help. Mummy managed to get me back in and off we toddled to McDonalds for our dinner.

Nannie was going to grab me some balloons to play with because I had one in my party bag from Lexa’s Birthday Party yesterday and had lots of fun with it this morning, so Mummy offered to get some and drop them off to save Nannie attempting it with me. I don’t like shopping very much.

When we got back, I was sick. I soon recovered, and Nannie took me for a walk on my trike to feed the ducks. Except I ate the bread. I’m so funny.

We went to visit great Grandma Jean, and I sat and laughed away at her. The whole time. I am such a giggle bum. Can’t wait until I can make sound, and everyone can hear me giggling. I ate some of Grandma Jeans sweeties, she keeps them in the windowsill by her chair. I go straight there whenever I go. We went to the park afterwards as well, which is always fun.

When we got back to Nannie Di’s, she blew up all of the balloons. Mummy had bought some with confetti in them. They were fascinating. I learned how to pop them by squeezing them hard and I found it hilarious. So I popped them all, Nannie was trying to hoover all of the confetti up and the battery on her hand held hoover died, and it was just sat there full of confetti. Hilarious.

we did lots of roly polys together too, me and crazy Nannie Di. It was so funny watching Nannie do it. I’ve smiled and laughed all day.

Mummy came to do my trachy cares and she brought me a new drinking cup. She taught me how to open and close it, and I soon picked it up. It was very entertaining listening to them saying ‘wow’ everytime I did it. SO I kept doing it for the laugh of it. Mummy got me ready for bed and soon I was sock on in Nannies bed after a busy day. Nannie says she is shattered because I don’t let her sit down. She was brave enough to say that to mummy who said ‘welcome to my world’ and you’ve only got 50% of the tribe!


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