Summer 2019 – Day 21

We are officially half way through the holidays.

Today we spent the morning at Louie’s house with his wonderful Mummy. Rory ran through the door and made himself at home on the sofa, Eating the cream from the centre of Oreo biscuits and making a mess with the help of Louie & Austin.

We had a quick chippy lunch with Daddy and grandad who were home from work early and then we did some love bombing!

Rory went with Daddy to the car garage and for a trike adventure and Austin went with Mummy to meet Auntie Vicky & Erin.

It was really nice just parking up and getting out the car, holding Austin’s hand, just my handbag, no rucksack, no equipment, no extras to consider. Just mother and son singing nursery rhymes walking through their town centre pointing at buses and visiting the library and the community garden.

Austin took out his first book. We made members when they were tiny babies, it was one of the first things we did when they were discharged. Library card and bank account. But today he chose a book, handed over his library card and he held on to that book the entire afternoon like he had got the world.

Anyone would think we didn’t have hundreds of books at home.

On the way out we bumped into daddy and Rory and so we all went to Martha’s yard together.

Daddy promised Rory the park and so he set off to go but Austin wanted to go too so daddy braved it and walked to the park with Rory in the trike and Austin holding his hand.

I followed shortly in the car but no sooner had we arrived than the rain came. Mad dash home for a chilled afternoon.

In other news, Rory managed a Roly Poly….

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