Summer 2019 – Day 20

Today was mostly focused on the community nurses coming to do the next part of the training for Jaime.

I had managed to accept that this was a means to an end after the last time they came and I was managing the anxiety quite well until I received a phone call. Not only had the goal posts changed but my anxiety levels shot through the roof and I was an emotional wreck. Why is it that these professionals are there to support yet have been by far the most difficult team to deal with throughout everything. They certainly don’t feel like they are on the same team. The one where the centre of every aim is a 3 year old boy who just wants to go to nursery like his brother.

They came, Jaime did a great job and they went.

The less said, the better. Hopefully just one more round to go.

Austin went to Nannies and had adventures with her whilst me, Ash and Rory stayed home to do the tube change. Afterwards, Ash took Rory in the garden to help him relax and find his happy again.

Another hurdle, another small step up that huge mountain in front of us.

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