Summer 2019 – Day 19

I spent two hours lay in bed this morning, my entire body aching from tension. Pressure. Stress. Anxiety.

Feeling like I’m failing. Feeling under pressure.

Potty training, speech and language, training up Rory’s PA, chasing references and completing HR paperwork, new nursery for September.

We were having our first visit with our social worker today. I always rejected social care involvement and I’ve spoke about it before but one of my biggest aims for this year was to get Rory consistent attendance in nursery and the only way to do that was to go via direct payments and to do that, we had to make a referral to social care as they are the people who do the ‘behind the scenes’ of direct payments.

I tried my best to avoid it but in the end it was inevitable. Thankfully she came, was here about 30 minutes, was truly lovely, grabbed some signatures from me and said that she had no concerns whatsoever and that I wouldn’t see or hear from her again unless there was a problem or I needed anything. And breathe!

I think when you have been a professional and sat on the other side of the fence, it is difficult to swap seats and I really didn’t want that. Thankfully it was literally paperwork and a means to an end. A process!

It appeared that potty training was practically not even a ‘thing’ today. Austin wore pants but completely ignored any mention or conversation regarding the potty. Just answered ‘no’ to everything.

Although when daddy trumped earlier he piped up ‘Daddy poo on the toilet please’ šŸ¤£

Rory took himself to the potty a few times and sat on it fully clothed so we stripped him off and he did a wee. We made a big deal of it and of course Austin wanted in on the action so he grabbed his toilet, placed it next to Rory, pulled his pants down and sat on the toilet saying ‘meeeeeeee’ and so our expectations lowered and we now just praise a no show sit down on the toilet.

we had cabin fever from staying in for two days so we had a mcds and then took the new trike out for a spin….

We had to bribe them to sit on it with haribo and Rory wouldn’t entertain sitting at the back so we had to give Austin a special job at the back, they took to it better than I thought and they giggled all the way. Rory enjoyed driving And looked like he felt all important and Austin kept shouting ‘faster Ro Jo faster’

Hopefully I will have a new sense of freedom now!

Ash found it hilarious watching me push them up the hill to ours. Note to self: never buy a house on a steep hill again!

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