Summer 2019 – Day 18

**do not read if you have a weak stomach or are easily offended. In the art of writing honest blogs, here is our day. If you don’t have children then you are most likely going to think this is the worst thing ever, if you do have children you will know that this is standard #mumlife but the bit that nobody tells you about**

Today was supposed to be productive. Instead it was a shit tsunami!

Last night I prepared for a serious attempt at potty training. We’ve done wee’s on the potty for a while now and Austin a poo, but Ive not had the balls to ‘go for it’ and so with Ash at home, we thought that today would be day 1! I created a visual sequence for Rory and reward charts and little records so that I know who has done what to help me keep track.

Ash also built their new tandem trike.

Austin stayed at Nannies last night and so we had a good hour or two with just Rory. We introduced the visual sequence to him and decided that because he can’t tell us verbally and we rely on seeing the signs, we would let him go naked for the day.

Ash went upstairs for a shower and me and Rory were playing in the playroom when he trumped. Except he not only trumped, he exploded. On the playroom floor. It was also down his leg. He ran off and did it again and then stepped in it.

Fast forward a minute or two to Ash holding Rory in some kind of bum cleaning yoga pose whilst I used a wooden spatula from the kitchen drawer (which is now in the bin) to scrape Rory’s poo-Nami off the playroom floor.

We thought that he may have got a bug and decided that it would be unfair to start his potty training today and instead decided we would just focus on Austin and when Rory was feeling better he could join in.

Rory did join in twice more sitting on the potty but didn’t actually do anything, bless him!

Austin on the other hand chose to wear paw patrol pants as opposed to going naked and straight away, he told me he needed to go and he went, almost independently. Then a few hours went by and he was still dry. We asked him a million times if he needed to go and he said no. And we believed him.

We were all having a lazy day at home together and I was lay on Rory’s blanket on the floor when Austin came and stood next to me….and pee’d! šŸ˜©

Operation clean up number 2!

He did do another wee on the potty after this and then he returned to his pull ups because we were going to the barbers!

So….you may know already how much the boys hate having their hair cut, we’ve tried all sorts and at my wits end I booked them in at a barbers. After explaining everything to them they put me at ease. We picked Nannie up en route and decided that we would take one at a time in with Nannie watching the other, scooting about and eating gingerbread.

They screamed, cried, wiggled and tried with utter defiance to escape. Jane did a fabulous job to be fair. Rory requires lots of suction and was almost making himself sick and Austin huffed a giant bogie onto mum during his sad episode.

The deal on the way home was to keep them a wake as this will be our second day of no nap again.

We got to Brampton and Rory was dropping so we swerved into the park and Daddy whisked him out and into the park. Austin didn’t want to go and stayed in the car with Nannie. Within a few minutes it went from bright and sunny to thunder and torrential downpour. Rory, who shouldn’t play with water, thought getting wet through was hilarious and he was wide awake so that we could get home! Winner!

However, we had been home less than ten minutes when he was sick all over the playroom floor. The build up of secretions from being so upset at the barbers had caught up with him.

More bodily fluids for mummy to clean up!

Relieved that today is over! Not looking forward to potty training part two in the morning! šŸ’©

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