Summer 2019 – Day 17!

Love bombing!

Austin went with Nannie Di. The first time in her new car and the first time Nannie drove with one of us a passenger. Big deal. We are so proud of her!

Austin went to elsecar park, to feed the horses local and to see Great Grandma!

He had a bath and tucked up in bed with duck!

Rory went on adventure with Daddy, to the park, on the train to meadowhall, playing in their new sand and splash play area. They had McDonald’s dinner and did some shopping and more playing and then made their way home on the train again.

On the way there he sat next to Daddy nestled in Daddy’s armpits. He was taking it all in!

It’s so lovely having 1:1 time with them.

Claire came at teatime to spend time with Rory and mummy and Daddy went out for their tea.

Mummy had a full 4 hours to herself, she tidied out the study, did the washing, cleaned the house from top to bottom (deep clean) and chased two appointments, spoke with HR regarding Rorys cover, went to the post office, the shops and made her way down the to do list!

She got really cross that she hadn’t finished all of her jobs. There’s always next monday!

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