Summer 2019 – Day 15 & 16!


We set off on our two hour roadtrip early morning to Saltburn-by-the-Sea. The boys had breakfast but we planned on stopping at a butty van for a bacon sandwich. We drove and drove the winding roads and there was nothing. Not even another car or human let alone butty van.

And then suddenly we spotted one. Amid victory dance we swerved into the lay-by only to find that it was an information point for walkers. Gutted!

We finally found one, just outside Whitby.

Austin had slept for the first 40 minutes but Roty was going strong, until he fell asleep, 13 minutes before the destination. Typical.

We arrived at Saltburn-by-the-Sea and spent at least another 30 minutes trying to park, ending up on a side road by a park. Daddy and Austin went to the park whilst Rory woke up. If he doesn’t wake up on his own accord then we all pay for it in grumpy Rory.

Eventually we all set off to explore, With bucket and spade and beach Mat and towels and medical equipment and snacks and trikes…

We took the water balanced cliff lift even though it scared Mummy to death and we quickly found ourselves nestled on the beach.

We had already driven from one side to the other several times searching for parking. It was such a beautiful place.

We spent a while on the beach, paddling in rock pools and building castles and watching the man singing at the pier.

We bought an ice cream and wandered back up the bridle path to the car.

From here we went towards Staithes and Sandsend. Both absolutely beautiful places.

Then we called at Scarborough for some tea and finished our adventure at Bridlington with an arcade stop off and donuts!

In the arcade Daddy and Austin went missing, or rather Mummy and Rory couldn’t see them. After wandering up and down and round and round Mummy began to panic. Daddy had Rorys medical bag and so it was important they tracked them down. It made mummy realise how easy it is to find one of us when the other is there. The lady on the walk is talkie radio’d all of the other people in the arcade and described Austin whilst looking at Rory and would you believe it, found them in seconds. Mummy was in such a panic but it was all ok!

We went back to Daddy’s car and called it a night!

We absolutely loved our roadtrip adventure. Mummy and daddy have wanted to do a few weeks in Cornwall visiting lots of lovely places since their honeymoon in a VW Camper in 2012! They cannot wait for family holidays in Cornwall when Rory gets his tube out and this whistle stop road trip reminded them exactly how much they love exploring new places, cute little fishing villages and picturesque coastal paths.

Sunday came and we were off site for 8:50am, home, unpacked, repacked and in elsecar park with a picnic, our bucket and space, trike, scooter and ball for 11:30am! Winner!

We had a lovely lovely day at the park with Kerry, Tim and Jonah!

We spent the afternoon chilling at home and Austin did a poo on the potty with no help or prompting.

And we were fast asleep by 8pm ready for another adventure tomorrow!

Thanks to Sue Sue for looking after baby shark!

Thanks to Uncle Craig and Calum for Beau sitting!

We’ve had a lovely lovely weekend of adventure!

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