Summer 2019 – Day 14!

There’s just something about camping and being beside the seaside that just resets me. My nearest and dearest in a small space, surrounded by strangers, on one big adventure….love it!

We scrambled our stuff together, grabbed some last minute supplies from the supermarket, dropped Baby Shark off with Sue Sue (old bird up road) and Beau with Nannie Di so that Uncle Craig and Calum can collect her after work.

We grabbed a mcds for the boys and fish and chips from the village for us when we arrived. We started eating it in the car but several wasps invaded us resulting in me running up and down in the middle of the road with no shoes on. Ash wafting and the boys just sat wondering what the heck was going on. Austin giggling away.

we arrived at Nannies van and settled in before getting back on the road for an afternoon in Hornsea!

We trike’d along the Trans Pennine Trail and found ourselves in the town. Austin bought a book from a shop and read it over and over for the rest of the day. We had an ice cream and found the local park. Then we went to the beach, built sandcastles and climbed rocks and watched the sea crashing as the tide came in.

Eventually we made our way back to the truck and back to Lake Dacre where we chilled with playdough and Peppa and had some tea before bedtime.

All feeling chilled and relaxed!

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