Summer 2019 – Day 13!

Well today was refreshing!

We met a professional, who came to our home who made us feel completely at ease, listened, valued our input and carried out everything that she needed to do in the part that she plays in ensuring Rory’s PA (Jaime) is ready to go from September.

She dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s and checked them twice. She was a lovely, lovely lady and I have complete trust in her when she says that there is absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t all be in place for September.

We spoke about payroll, pensions, employer liability insurance. Recruitment, references and rotas. Contracts, terms and conditions and staff code of conduct. Managing your staff team, equal opportunities and handling complaints. Support plans, CRBs and employment legislation. The list was endless. It was heavy. But none of it was new to me having covered all of these things in a working capacity in the past. This is why lots of people get their nurse cover directly from the care agency, because direct payments can seem daunting, and when teamed with preparing a new setting for Rory in September, and training up the PA in tracheostomy care, it has been overwhelming. However, having been let down so badly, I was adamant that this is the way I needed to go for Rory, and despite having to do lots of things that went against the grain, like a social care referral for the disabled childrens team to support us with the paperwork and setting up the systems alongside BMBC, I just had to do it. And hopefully, come September, everything will be in place and we will have our own team, employed by me, managed by me, who will work with Rory day in and day out, they won’t let us down, they will love him like we do and value him like we do and it will be the best decision that we ever made because he will thrive!

Today was a bit of a chilled one really, We managed to squeeze half an hour at the park between Daddy’s jobs which was a great break for us all before an afternoon of climbing the walls whilst I tried to entertain A&R and listen to the lady bombard me with HR stuff.

We survived and we managed to have a BBQ tea in the garden between the showers and the sunshine.


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