Summer 2019 – Day 10!

Daddy had a very important meeting this morning at home and so we were all evicted before 9am. We gatecrashed Nannies and then napped.

Daddy’s meeting had finished and we went for a mcds before dropping Rory at Nannies and awaiting Auntie Lucy & Frankie for our adventure.

Today is a love bombing day where one of us goes to nannies for special 1:1 time with Nannie and the other gets smothered in Mummy love!

Here’s some pictures from Rory’s adventures with Nannie;

And then from our adventure at RSPB Old Moor…

We played at home for a while, collected Rory from nannies so that Jaime could practice his tape changes and then we had a bath before dropping Rory back off at nannies.

Jaime did a great job of Rory’s tapes. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Busy day. 😁

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