Summer 2019- Day 9.

We are a pair of button pushers. Austin is the class clown. Mummy has the patience of a saint.

Kixx this morning, both boys were non-engaging for the majority, leading us a merry dance around the hall. Austin was doing anything he shouldn’t have been doing for a reaction. Refusing to take part. Scoring goals with balls lined up for other children, running behind the curtain, not listening. But when he did choose to take part, he slotted straight in, followed every instruction and did some great kixx work, he just flicked his attitude on and off like a monkey!

Rory on the other hand, engaged more than usual, with support. He scored multiple goals, gave high fives and took part in the kixx cheer at the end. Small steps!

After Kixx they napped in the car. We’ve gone full circle. Managing no nap at all to relying on it again.

Then we had snack. I went to make my own lunch and came back to find this. They were copying something off the tv. Both sat together with their snack. Rory eating from the packet and not tipping them out. Them sat together without fighting, and Rory copying something. Lump in throat!!!

Then we got our wellies and coats and ventured to cannon hall farm with Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum – our birthday treat. Making memories and spending time together is better than any gift!

We took Rory’s trike because as much as we have always tried to make him walk, the truth his he would rather trike or be carried and he can’t tell us why that is. He has so much energy and will run and run but when it comes to walking in a structured way in set directions it is hard work. Austin on the other hand would rather walk and I always find it hard taking one without other but today we had to do it. It made it easier for Rory but Austin wanted to push him which made it a complete mare!

Here’s some pics of our trip to cannon hall…

We had an awesome time and just managed to avoid the rain. When it started chucking it down we were eating in the resteraunt and we finished with soft play. 😁

Nannie Di came to visit when we got home and we chilled until bedtime!

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