Summer 2019 – Day 8!

Rain, rain and more rain!

We slept this morning which made us late for clever tots and we missed breakfast serving.

Rory was really unhappy that mummy and daddy had woken him up and he was hungry too. As much as they tried to comfort him with a crust from a loaf (his fave at the mo) we sacked off clever tots after 20 minutes and went to Mcds, which we both hammered!

Then we went to Smyths. We started off in a trolley each but soon escaped and found ourselves legging it up and down the aisles and we went from calling in for play dough cutters and a duplo board we bought £80 worth of new toys and couldn’t wait to get them home.

Louie came to play with his Mummy and Daddy and we chilled for the afternoon at home. Saddened that we couldn’t go in the garden as it was raining, we scaled the baby gate and broke into the grown up room for a party!

At bath time we played with the floating water play ball Nannie Di bought us. A little bit in the danger zone but they loved it!

Mum and dad are feeling stressed as they have a lot on their plate at the minute and not enough hours in the day. 😤

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