Summer 2019 – Day 7.

One whole week has passed. We survived. It was tough.

Wins of the week:

Rory has gone two nights without his dummy. He’s only had one at night when doing tape changes or tube changes for a while now, or when he’s sick because it helps control his secretions but he has done two days without it.

We had, and I quote Daddy ‘possibly the best teatime we have ever had’ when the boys ate their actual tea with no drama. (Happy Meal boxes from Amazon trick worked a treat) 🤣

So what have we been up to today?

We played for a while this morning, Rory even looked after the baby for a while….

We had our nap because we’d had an horrific night with the heat. After nap we did the food shop with Nannie. Then we came home and did some baking in our helper fun pod.

We played in the garden….

Chilled inside all afternoon…

And then when we were all tucked up in bed, Mummy and Daddy sorted through all of our toys and rotated them round so that tomorrow, and the rest of the week when it’s raining and we might be stuck in, we have different things to play with.

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