Summer 2019 – Day 6.

Nap time in the ice box.

Mcds dinner – in the ice box. Again.

This time with Auntie Vicky and Erin. Who were both grateful for the ice box.

We ventured to Kiddi Winx because Mummy remembered that it had air-con. We feared that it was going to be ridiculously busy but it wasn’t, in fact at one point there was only us there. We played for a while…

Then we left because it closed and we took Auntie Vicky and Erin home, before collecting Daddy and taking him to the garage to collect his truck (it had major issues yesterday) and then heading home.

It was far too hot to do anything and we were all fed up. we even wore pjs all day because they were cooler than clothes. Nannie Di came. We did bath and then bed time in the ice box again and mummy carried us upstairs once we had dropped off. SO much easier than fighting us in the heat.

We can’t wait for the cooler air tomorrow.

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