Summer 2019 – Day 5!

Today we had a road trip!

We were up in the night with a big thunderstorm and mummy slept on the floor in our room with a hand on each of us for comfort. And then we still woke super early at 5am! And so we had a nap today.

After our nap we picked up Lexa and her Mummy and all squashed in mummy’s car (the ice box) and went for a mcds drive thru. It was fun.

Afterwards we played in the garden with a break inside to cool off.

When Lexa went home we gave her a big kiss 💋

When Daddy came home Austin went with him to screwfix and Mummy and Rory and Beau went for a walk.

Nannie Di came to visit and we ended our day with a nice bath and a trip round the block in the ice box to get us to sleep because the heat in our room is unbearable.


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