Summer 2019 – Day 4!

I took Rory on an early morning adventure today – to Tesco – before picking Austin up from Nannies. Sometimes it’s just the little things, being able to do the everyday but with my full attention, that 1:1, is magic. We browsed the entire shop, Rory was especially happy when I put bread and yoghurt in the trolley. Smiling and laughing away. He also liked jumping off the stool in the changing rooms.

After a quick Hello at Nannies when we picked Austin up, we were back together all settled at home. Chilling as the heat of the day began to take over.

Charlotte, Jake and Dom came to play. Austin loves playing with the bigger boys, riding the train, following their obstacle courses that they set up down the garden and copying their every move.

Rory loved spending time in the swing and doing foam pictures and collecting up all of the balls. I had to be right beside him with the bag with the transmitter in for his camera which was anything but fun in this heat.

We had a few breaks inside for shade and cool and snack and juice before going back out. It was so hot.

After Charlotte and the boys had gone, Daddy got home. I went to the hospital to return the transmitter for Rory’s camera and daddy had the boys at home.

When I returned Rory was dropping to sleep. The boys hadn’t napped all day but they were flagging, especially in the heat. Daddy did a BBQ for tea again and we settled down.

We had a bath and attempted bedtime but it was 28 degrees in their room despite blackout curtains and windows open and so I just chucked them in the car, whacked the air con on and drove u til they dropped, carried them in to bed and enjoyed an hour of child free time catching up on admin! 📝

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