Summer 2019 – Day 2!

It was gala day. And Daddy was working. It certainly wasn’t planned that way but as Rory is in hospital today for surgery and Daddy had a job booked in, he had to rearrange and it was the only time that both he and the customer could do it.

So..Austin spent the night at Uncle Craig’s and Uncle Calum’s and he had a big adventure with them until Mummy had finished setting up and opening the gala and Daddy got back from work.

Nurse Claire came to look after Rory and he had one big adventure too. He absolutely loved having her undivided attention all morning. They went to the park, played in the garden and spent hours playing in the playroom too.

The gala was great.

We went on the bouncy castle and the giant slide with Mummy. Claire took some pictures and they are probably some of the best pictures of us with Mummy.

We went on the hook a duck, more than once. We got a mermaid and a sword and then….Rory chose a fish. Meet Baby Shark…

Austin came running into the kitchen this morning with the tiniest bit of toast in the pinch of his fingers ‘for baby shark’….how sweet!

Daddy and Nannie Di took us on one of the fairground rides. Austin jumped off before it started moving but Rory stayed put. We couldn’t decide if he liked it or not but afterwards he went back for another go. It’s always been an anxiety taking Rory on a ride because you have to take his medical equipment too and what do you do if he needs suction mid-ride?

We spent some time in Daddy’s truck because Rory was sick. A mix of secretions and sweets and been so tired because he didn’t nap. So he stripped off and we had chills in Daddy’s truck for a bit before resurfacing.

We had German Sausage and chips too.

We had a great time, and Beau did too. Mum had to go and collect her from the pub. 🤣

Rory fell asleep on the way home, it had been coming. At one point he pedalled his trike around the field with his eyes closed 🙈

He slept for 3 hours. He was still sleeping at 7 when mum got back from tidying up the field, sorting raffle prizes and counting all of the stall money.

He was so tired that even though he woke when mummy got him ready for bed, he still went back to sleep and slept until this morning.


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