Austin’s Adventure!

Daddy went on a stag do to Newcastle this weekend. For Mummy or Daddy to do something like that, it requires a lot of planning and organising. One adult cannot care for us both through the night because the logistics of Rory’s tube and machine and unsettled sleeping make it impossible.

With options limited, Uncle Craig put himself forward and thankfully Mummy has been far too busy to overthink about it and so….it happened.

Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum do visit a lot, but their house is anything but child friendly. A converted stable in the middle of fields with a picture perfect interior – not to be touched – including glass balustrades, open fires and expensive taste. It was recipe for disaster.

When Mummy rang Saturday morning and gave him a bit of a low down, his biggest concern was that I might kick the back of his seats in the car. So he made me take my shoes off.

As he put the mini toilet potty on the front seat of his impeccably kept Audi, we couldn’t help but think he didn’t have a bloody clue what was about to happen.

In preparation for my arrival they cleared the spare room and purchased a baby gate.

We pulled up at Uncle Craig’s house and unpacked all of the stuff before playing on his lane with my scooter and toddling round his garden, eyeing up his shed and chicken coop.

I told Uncle Craig that I needed the toilet and this happened…

Uncle Craig showed me my bedroom for the night and we watched some ABC’s on youtube but when Uncle Calum came home we scooted through the woods besides theirs house and to the park. At the park we played for ages in the play area and the sandpit and the bike track.  We went to the ducks but we forgot the bread so we didn’t feed them but I found them hilarious.

When we got back, I helped Uncle Calum water the plants and then we chilled watching TV. I was good as gold!

When it was bath time I was a little scared because it was all a bit different to home but I soon got in and had some splashing fun. I fell to sleep half way through Uncle Craigs story at bed time and was sock on. Uncle Craig sent this picture to mummy who was still fighting with Rory…

Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum were concerned they hadn’t heard me for hours, so they came and checked that I was still breathing. Twice.

I woke up at 3am and when they opened the door I was lay on the cushions in the corner of the room because I had wandered around wondering where I was. Uncle Craig got back in my bed with a story and I climbed in and went straight back to sleep and Uncle Craig lay beside me wide awake for the rest of the night until I woke at 7am.

I woke up full of the joys of spring, all happy and smiley and we went downstairs for breakfast. I got washed, dressed and changed and Mummy came and we all went together to do the weekly shop. I went in Uncle Craig’s trolley and Rory went in Mummy’s trolley.

We went home with just Mummy and when we pulled on the drive, I had fallen asleep, Mummy woke me up quickly in a panic, we are trying ‘no naps’ much to Mums dismay. It kind of happened yesterday, typical, whilst Mums pulling her hair out and we all survived so she thought she would go again, pending full time nursery in September, it would be a good idea to phase them out and bed times are getting difficult, so hopefully no nap will help with that too. anyway….later on in the afternoon we went to Harley Gala with Uncle Craig, Uncle Calum and Adam. I held Adams hand the whole way round, choosing a Peppa Pig book from the book stall and carrying it round with pride. We chose a jigsaw for Rory, which had 4 pieces missing when we got it home.

There was only one gingerbread man left on the cake stall so we shared it with a fruit shoot. Rory ran off and laughed his head off when Uncle Craig fetched him back.

When we got back to the car, Rory fell asleep before the engine even turned on. Mummy tried everything to wake him up, including taking him out the car, but he was sock on. Mummy drove home quick with peppa on her phone, loud on his knee. He was still sock on. She carried him in, lay him on the playroom floor and got him a fruit jelly string. She rubbed it on his face and eventually he woke up, grabbed the jelly and ate it whilst coming round. Sugar rush. Just as Daddy walked through the door.

The things you do!

Well done Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum. You bossed it! Austin was good as gold and you were fab! Proud of you. Whens adventure number 2?


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