Next generation!

At points of our holiday I wondered why we even bothered. As you will know, this would have been our third week away this year with the first one being cancelled on day two due to the boys being poorly and the second one started with the boys being sent home from nursery poorly and well….this week started with Rory throwing up all over the soft play and ended with an all nighter with Rory due to the ‘pollen bomb’…..but 80% of our holiday this time was emotional. Emotional because the boys were thriving, living their best life. We were in our own bubble just enjoying family time, doing new things, throwing caution to the wind and just being us! At times it was like looking back at my childhood, caravan adventures, new place every day, visiting farms and doing cool things like dry wood sledging and gokarting on our many holidays as kids. This is THE NEXT GENERATION!

Unfortunately due to a change in appointment times day one of our holiday was cancelled so that we could attend an appointment with the main man, Dr Ravi.

Aside from Rory legging it out of the room when I was talking to Ravi and me not even noticing, appointment went well with Ravi deciding to go into theatre next month when Rory is in theatre with Dr Campbell anyway. Exciting for the outcome of that. No longer nervous as we can’t be in a worse place than we already are. Right back at the beginning!

After the appointment we collected Daddy and Austin and went for a Mcds before picking up Auntie Nat Nat for a play date at Clever Tots which was lovely!

Afterwards we decided to try something new. Mini Ninjas. The boys loved it! Free flow running, jumping, climbing. Running up walls and jumping off platforms into the foam pit. My heart was in my mouth but they did it. Daddy jumped with Rory to cushion his fall and control his tube safely. It’s all about not missing out but managing the risks in our book.

They loved it. Especially the trampolines at the end!

The second day we arrived at Lake Dacre and dropped our things off at Nannie & Grandads Caravan. It was raining so we made a quick decision to go to Bugtopia. We arrived and was quickly ushered through the door to a small room for a talk. The guy said pay admission after to we didn’t miss the talk. A&R didn’t want to sit and neither did Mummy when she saw the giant tarantula spider 🕷

We just left.

Thankfully next door was a huge soft play and we had it all to ourself with just one other little boy. Both boys played with him, took turns. It was fab. Until Rory threw up twice – everywhere! It was ‘Trachy related’ and so he was well it was a case of too many secretions to handle and top much water in his tummy.

We left soft play just before closing and when we finally made it past the puddles and the rides (which they stayed on when we put money in for the first time ever) we went to Hornsea for fish and chips. We sat in the resteraunt on the front, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop with just one or two other couples in there. I think sometimes we take for granted how well behaved A&R can be.

We left for a walk on the beach front in the rain and a go in the slots. It was 7pm which is usually bed time. We were having so much fun on our everyday adventure!

Until..Rory did a poo whilst we were in the arcade. There were no toilets, no public toilets open. I asked the lady at the arcade and she offered that we could change him in the back. Thankfully he is in pull ups so i didn’t have to lay him on the floor but carrying a bag of pop round in my rucksack made for great smells until we found a bin outside!

Mum life!

On day 3 we went to Sealife. Rory spent ages watching the fish through the porthole and Austin loved the penguins. He was trying to tickle them and was giggling his head off. Rory loved watching the seals and the man throwing fish in to feed them. He decided to copy (which is a massive deal and made me so proud) by throwing his shoe in! Luckily I managed to grab it just in time. But high five to Rory for the thought process!

I just need to leave this right here….up there with one of the best days of my life! In the car park at sea life, Rory puckered up and gave me a kiss on the lips. Looked me dead in the eye and smiled. That was a first. It was genuine. It made me cry!

We left Sealife and drove to a local pub for lunch and then returned for another scout round before a wander in our wellies amongst the rocks. We spent ages throwing stones into the water. Listening to the sounds and getting splashed with the big ones. Paddling in our wellies and jumping around.

On the way home we called at Scarborough and had a wander on the beach in our wellies. We went the John Bull sweet factory and got some sweeties and donuts and ate them on the beach.

We returned to Lake Dacre, had a wander by the lake, fed the ducks and played on the adventure play before bed!

On day 4 whilst daddy was showering I braved it and took both boys with me for a campsite job! Initiation! I gave them

Both an empty bottle and we walked together to the water point, filled it and gave them the task to carry it back. It was a big bottle. The carried it whilst they wobbles trying to bare the weight. They tried dragging it, rolling it, they even sat down for a rest. But…they made it back and I was so proud of them. This is what camping is all about for me. Team work. Chores. Doing your bit. Adventure. Exploring. I just love it!

We did some bubbles and went to feed the ducks again. This was out of my comfort zone being so close to the edge of the water without another adult. I sat both boys on the bench and they did great. The ducks came to us as we threw food on the floor for them.

Once Daddy was ready we went to Playdale Farm. It was great. Only a handful of people there. This is why we take the boys out of nursery for holidays. They get so much more out of it. Everywhere is quiet and calm and enjoyable.

We fed the animals, held guinea pigs, rode on tractors, played on adventure play, went go-karting, tried dry wood sledging and had a great time! We had lunch there too and it was yummy!

Rory looked at the camera and smiles on demand for the first time! This boy is moving mountains!

After the farm we went for an afternoon on the beach at Bridlington. We had a great time paddling in the sea, skimming stones, building sandcastles, collecting beach treasure in our buckets and relaxing. The beach was practically empty, not a cloud in the sky, just listening to the donkeys jingling and the waves crashing. Barefoot beach days are the best.

Afterwards we went to the arcades again and then Mcds for tea and home to bed.

A great end to a great week! Lots of firsts.

and then Rory needed about 50 suctions during the night for what we can only put down to hay fever and we drove home with matchsticks on our eyelids! 😴

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