A dozen 1st times…

Austin and Rory have achieved so much lately. They have had lots of 1sts. Here they are;

  1. After 6 months of speech and language therapy with Mummy & Joanne Jones, Rory finally pointed. We have tried everything and he finally used his peter pointer. Straight away we gave him the pad and the balloon popping game and off he went with his pointer, popping those balloons.he pointed with both hands and the pointed and dragged to do the jigsaw!
  2. Austin wore fancy dress. We will no longer have to wear themed PJS to fancy dress parties because he finally got dressed up with no meltdown. as Iron Man.  In fact he enjoyed it that much we had a fight on our hands because he wanted to go to nursery dressed as George and The DInosaur from Peppa Pig.
  3. We caught Rory lining up the numbers for his jigsaw and then placing them in the right order.
  4. Rory looked into the camera and smiled on demand with eye contact.
  5. Both boys entertained rides and allowed us to put money in and stayed on with no tears when it started moving.
  6. Austin held a Guinea Pig
  7. Rory puckered up, looked mummy dead in the eye and kissed her with a huge smile on his face for the first time EVER.
  8. We did Parkour and Mini Ninjas
  9. Austin and Rory both did a Wee on the potty
  10. We did dry wood sledging
  11. We went go-karting
  12. Austin took a bite from an apple for the first time, crossing his texture boundaries.

We are moving mountains!

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