Big Decisions!

Parenthood is mostly decision-making, but this past week has been a particular biggie!

  1. Confirming the decision to take on a Personal Assistant for Rory instead of continuing with the care agency via the NHS. Read all about that here!
  2. Deciding to split Austin and Rory’s full-time nursery from September, across two nursery settings. Now this was a big decision but I made it pretty quickly. For a number of reasons, but in the main part because I am still undecided on which school to send them to come September 2020 and I will have to make that decision pretty soon after they start nursery full-time in September this year. And so…I decided to send them to the pre-school and nursery at each school. This way, both settings will be used to Rory’s tube and the boys will be settled into both settings. Staff will be trained and up to date. They will have friendships in each setting and we will hopefully be able to make an informed decision. As I stand at the moment, one school is the better from an academic perspective than the other, but the other nurtures current friendships and familiar experience, having attended pre-school there for over a year.  And so I emailed the Assistant Head and off we went for a look. It helped that two of our friends from playgroup are starting there in September too and so there will be some familiar faces already.

I fear that the staff at the new nursery won’t be as invested in Rory as his key worker is at pre-school, but knowing that the consistency will continue for half the week is reassuring. I already questioned how assessment and tracking would be synchronised and how we could ensure an holistic approach to Rorys education and I was happy with the answer.

I know that by providing a baseline to the new nursery based on the great work of his current key worker will set the bar and being the parent that I am, there will be no room for anything other than giving both boys every opportunity to thrive.

By sharing our time across two settings, which I believe to be each very different, I think A&R are going to have lots of opportunities available to them. Not only will they gain from different staff members, different activities and experiences, different settings, different peers and different approaches but long term, by ensuring they have that transition into full time school in the setting that is right for them.

And so with the last few weeks of term remaining, we have lots to get in place in terms of training up Jaime, the staff at new nursery, updating and editing risk assessments on both settings and ensuring that everything is put in place and we are ready for the new year.

Mummy is going to be a very busy BEE with this and organising the gala!


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