Rain and routine!

Rain and Routine!

This week has been all about the routine of nap time and nursery and as there has been so much rain, nothing much exciting has happened. So here are our Top 5 moments of the week;

  1. Buster Bear, the pre-school behaviour bear was awarded to Rory on Friday. He had experienced a challenging week so far, and in nursery had been tipping again. Desperate to get to the bottom of this behaviour, especially after the training session on sensory processing disorders this week. I introduced 4 pots into the playroom, each filled with duplo bricks, knowing full well that this would encourage Rory to tip. I wanted to watch, analyse, react and work out this behaviour. Was it a sensory behaviour? Was it for attention? Children behave a certain way for a reason. My 10 years in education made me most passionate about children’s social and emotional needs and behaviour. I asked Rory’s nurse and the pre-school staff about his tipping at nursery and how it was dealt with and they said that when he tips, they make him pick it up and put it back in the pot. Rightly so. He was also put on time-out once this week for not putting back in the pot. I am a firm believer in fair but firm and consequences but I wasn’t sure Rory understood that what he was doing was wrong, or why he did it in the first place. We wondered if it was an attention seeking behaviour because when he tipped, an adult went straight over and began modelling picking them up, and he copied. Was he craving that interaction? Was it a sensory / repetitive behaviour. He didn’t do it again once we picked them up discreetly, paying him no attention. We will watch this space. On Friday he tipped, but then picked them back up straight away (can’t help but thinK this came as a result of a week of teaching him to do so at home) but he genuinely wasn’t phased. He doesn’t respond to praise. However, the nursery staff told me that Austin jumped up from the carpet and shouted ‘yay RoJo’ because he was proud of his little bro. We gave Buster a bath and dried him off.
  2. Grandad showed Rory how to juggle and he was fascinated. He even told Grandad ‘again’ and Nannie and Grandad said he had been very interactive.

3. We caught this moment in B&M

4. Austin invented a life hack

5. Fathers Day Frankie & Bennys

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