Seaside and suction!

On Saturday Daddy was working and Auntie Mandy had decided a while ago that she wanted to learn more about my tube so that she could help Mummy out and be there as ‘back-up’ when we needed it and so it was decided that we would go to Auntie Mandy’s caravan together with Auntie Chloe and do some practising.

It was a big deal Mummy driving all that way on her own with us both, and staying out with us without Daddy, it dawned on her more than once that if she was to fall poorly, get hit by a bus or something, there would be nobody able to care for Rorys tracheostomy. And that is a strange feeling. Mummy felt very proud that she had gone and survived without Daddy by her side.

We didn’t take many pictures from our short trip to Filey, but here are the few that I did snap…


We all slept in the same single bed, and even though Mummy only managed an uncomfortable 5 hours, she secretly loved being sandwiched between the two of us, although the 5am get up….not so much!

When we got home, Daddy had bought Mummy flowers, he had missed us a lot. He squeezed us all really tight and we went to McDonalds for dinner before visiting Penistone Gala.

We did the food shop, walked Beau, fed the ducks and visited the park and are now tucked up in bed ready for another week at pre-school in the morning.

Auntie Mandy did well with the suctioning and watched the tape change which Mummy did twice because the first time wasn’t up to scratch…..even the experts don’t get it perfect every time. 🙂

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