Tattershall Lakes 2019

We have had another cracking family holiday on our second visit to Tattershall Lakes. Whilst Rory has his tracheostomy, we will continue to holiday in the UK, within the 2 hour radius of our hospital and so with that in mind we are grateful to have so many beautiful holidaying spots on our doorstep.

We arrived at Tattershall, had lunch and checked in, making our way to our ‘luxury lodge’ as they call them, it is pretty much a posh caravan, but anyhow! The park was very quiet and we didn’t have any neighbours. To the front of us was a fishing lake, to the side of us RAF Conningsby airfield and straight ahead Tattershall Castle. It was a lovely spot and we spent much of our holiday watching the spitfire’s and the jets take off and land. The noise was extremely loud and it took your breath away for the minute, but you couldn’t help but watch every single time. Austin and Rory loved it. They also loved the wildlife from the lake visiting us.

No sooner had we started to unpack that I stubbed my toe on the bed. Having broken a toe before, I knew that if it wasn’t broken it was very close, and as the days went on it became blacker, and more purple, it was bent in half and very swollen but i managed to walk in flip flops. Always one.

You don’t want a pic of that do you! 🙈

We spent our first afternoon chilling on the decking, watching the planes and testing out the hot tub. We have never put A&R in a hot tub before, but we figured that they are now quite strong and could manage 5/10 minutes without the bubbles. It was a great space to manage the risks with Rory and allow him a safe space to experience water again. The boys enjoyed whizzing up and down on their scooters and playing with the playdough. Once they were in bed, Mummy & Daddy hit the hot tub.

On Tuesday after breakfast we drove into Skegness which is the closest seaside. Neither me or Ash have been to Skegness since we were young (aside from the short stay at Butlins in March that ended in disaster) and so we decided to venture in and have a wander around.we found ourselves in the market. This was Austin in Skeggy Market…

We went back to Tattershall, had lunch outside, watched the planes and then tested out the splash pad, the beach / lake before going back to the van for playtime and chill.

The splash pad was great, especially for Rory. I watched closely for a while before we went in, working out where the risks were, where the safe zones were and I held Rory’s hand and didn’t let go the whole time. He was able to access it with my support and he loved it. The smile on his face – priceless.

The boys loved the beach and paddling in the lake last year and they loved it equally as much this time!

We had a lovely stroll on Tuesday evening before bedtime.

Bedtimes have been lovely this week. We have got into our PJS and I have asked Austin if he wanted to go to bed, he said yes, chose a book and we went to bed, cuddled and read and chatted about our day until he fell asleep cuddled up to me. I snook out, then went in to Rory, cuddled Rory to sleep and then placed him in the bed besides Austin. It was so enjoyable with both of them.

On Wednesday we went to Tattershall Farm Park. It was fab. We petted the animals, fed them, walked a goat which was an experience…Here are some pics…

Uncle Craig & Uncle Calum joined us at the farm and once we got home and the boys were in bed, Nannie and grandad and Beau jangles joined us too. A proper family holiday!

On Thursday we had a lovely chilled morning together before having a walk around the site and then having lunch again outside, watching the planes. We went to the splash pad again, this time with Grandad too and then we spent the afternoon on the beach and in the lake before returning to the van for playing, running around and enjoying eachothers company before bedtime.

Friday came very quickly but we have had a lovely week. We packed up and hit the road early morning, ready to face all of the realities waiting for us at home!


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