It’s bedtime!

In our house, bedtime has ALWAYS been a well-oiled cog because it has had to be in order to fit in all of the medical care and also to ensure that we get to sleep in order for Mummy & Daddy to get their own time to get jobs done and prepare for the next day before getting an early night themselves because they have to care for Rory through the night too.

We had a random ONE-OFF night last week when Daddy was stuck on a job in Leeds until 8PM. Everybody was busy and Mummy was faced with no choice but to try and do the routine alone which has NEVER been attempted because it is not only extremely difficult but it is high risk too with Rory.

But Mummy could either face unknown chaos by ditching g routine completely or at least try.

Mummy took us both upstairs and ran the bath. She put Austin in first and whilst bathing him, she held the toilet lid down and the door closed with her feet in order to keep Rory safe. When she got Austin out, she got him straight in his PJS and put Rory in. Austin helped to wash Rory, both taking care not to get any water near his tube. Once Rory was washed, he too got into his PJS and then Austin sat in front of Mummy, who was keeping him engaged with constant conversation and ‘jobs’ whilst she did Rorys medical cares, changing his dressings and tapes and then we all went downstairs, which never happens, we usually then go straight to bed without drama.

Once Daddy finally made it home, we all went upstairs and attempted to ‘go to bed’ which Rory did really well but Austin was all out of sorts and in the end he climbed into bed and Daddy lay beside him reading stories until he fell to sleep. and this is where it all started.

The following nights became a constant battle trying to get Austin to sleep, he was in the bed, out of the bed, choosing yet ANOTHER story. He wanted mum in bed then dad in bed. He kept Rory awake who got angry and hit Mummy through his frustrations. It wasn’t great. Mummy held perspective and every time has taken the battering, taken the stress, given yet ANOTHER story, nursed Rory to sleep, placed him in his bed and then got in bed with Austin and talked and talked and read and read until he dropped off, and then snook downstairs for her 10 minutes break before going up and starting all over again. Why? Because she has PERSPECTIVE!

Daddy is yet to find perspective and is finding it hard. He hates the fact that this time last week he could say to Austin ‘ we need to be quiet now because Rory is sleeping and it’s time to go to bed’ and he would do just that, but all of a sudden now he is noisier than ever, keeping Rory awake and refusing to go to bed.

Daddy tries his best but because of that ONE NIGHT drop in routine, both boys want to go to sleep with mummy.

We have always had such a smooth bedtime routine until now. 😬🙃

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