We left nursery on Friday with a bad cough, temperature and lots of snot and suction.


It wasn’t anything major and we hoped it wouldn’t develop into anything. We had some inhalers and calpol and a bit of a rough night but as much as it was still lingering, it wasn’t too bad thankfully.

We had a busy weekend.

We had our hair cut and we coped with it so much better than ever before. BONUS!

We went with Daddy to see the Parkes’ whilst he did some jobs for them but spent most of the time driving round the block in Daddys truck because Rory really wasn’t coping very well and there was only so many slaps in the face Mummy could take from Rory who was sad. He didn’t want to go into the house, it was somewhere he hadn’t been before with unfamilar people. He was out of sorts, not 100%. He had just had his hair cut and all of those little hairs were playing on his senses. It was bad planning on our part. we got it wrong. But once he was strapped into the truck, and the motion of the car was moving, he calmed and he was ok.

On Sunday we had a less dramatic day. It was our first session back at Kixx. I had been anxious about it all morning wondering how the boys would cope with it.

Whilst im certain both boys enjoyed their time there, Austin would tire towards the end  of the session and Rory required constant 1:1 to engage at all in the session. In fact if we are totally honest, he barely engaged at all but smiled the whole time running around the hall doing his own thing, usually collecting the cones up as fast as the coaches placed them on the floor. Ooops!

It was hard work but we took it up so that they could socialise with other children, learn to follow instruction, channel their energy and have fun.

We had a period of time off because of Rory’s operation and then we waited until we were 100% ready to return and today, today was definitely the right time to return because WE HAD AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SESSION!

Rory ran around as usual but;

  1. He stayed within the hall, didn’t try and escape, didn’t climb on the apparatus.
  2. He ran around like his usual self but when the lady coach said his name and offered him a ball, he stopped and looked at her and responded.
  3. He engaged in the activities a good 60% of the time with support, but on one activity, when collecting cones from one side of the hall and bringing them back to a bucket at the other side, after I carried him twice, running with him in my arms, picking up the cones and doing it for him, I put him down (I was shattered) and he ran off, to mine and Ashs surprise, he picked up a cone and I literally turned to Ash and said ‘if he brings it back and puts it in the bucket I will cry…..and that is exactly what he did. I was so so so so proud.
  4. Rory engaged (with a little support) in the penalty shoot out at the end and he scored a goal. 🙂
  5. For some of it Rory sat to the side, he needed suction and he was happy watching and taking it all it, but he clapped the other boys and girls on as they took their shot at goal. Team player.

Its difficult to explain why these little things mean so much unless you fight our fight every single day. It would be so easy to not do these things with Rory but we try so hard to give him those equal opportunities and massive wins like these above show that it is worth it. COMPLETELY!

Austin has been an absolute star today. He was up their with every other child in the group. He followed 90% of instructions. He copied. He engaged in all of it. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. He bumped heads but took it like a pro. He scored 3 goals and kept going back for more. He even went straight home and grabbed his ball and net to keep going.

We are so so so glad that we went back to Kixx after our short break. Today has been a wonderful session and Austin and Rory as well as us, we all gained so much from those 40 minutes.

We can’t wait for next week!

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