There are so many factors that affect our behaviour and routine, on top of the usual toddler stuff. And the ‘usual toddler stuff’ has well and truly landed, or if we already had it, it has notched up to the next level. 💆🏼‍♀️

I feel like I spend most of my day haggling with Austin, offering him deals until he eventually accepts one.

Ash finds it really difficult because and I quote ‘literally last week he listened to everything I said and he was so eager to please and do the right thing’ and this week he says no and refuses to do what we ask. He hasn’t been 100% himself which hasn’t helped either.

I cope. But how? Other mums at pre-school and my friends say that I am always so calm and collected. The truth is, inside I just want to scream and shout, I am completely winging it, but I have something really powerful. I have PERSPECTIVE. When its a little tough, we are running late, or causing a scene, when we are all finding it difficult an hour in to getting trousers or shoes on, I just remind myself that actually, all that matters is Austin and Rory and their happiness and if their barely 3 year old (really) rucksack of emotions can’t handle putting those trousers on just yet, then we can wait it out, if Austin wants yet another story before he goes to sleep, despite it been way way way past bedtime and I just want to go and sit down with a cuppa, I bring it right back to earth like this;

There were SO SO SO SO many days when I didn’t think I would be a Mum. So many weeks and months I feared I would be planning their funeral and not their school choices and actually, does it really matter if he has ONE MORE STORY? No, No it doesn’t and so I will just live in that moment and forget about everything else.

And that perspective is the only reason that I get through the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I lose my shit every now and then. But it is rare, in the most part I’m in awe of these two little people I created that just amaze me every single day considering their beginnings!

This week, we made the most of our perspective and enjoyed being toddlers, planting, doing jigsaws together, learning to take photos with Mummys phone, playing with pasta and fairy liquid bottles and role-playing with the baby. We are just learning. We are just two. And we are just going to move slowly in the right direction.

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