The logic of a toddler!

We had a lovely time at the wildlife park until Mummy signalled to Daddy that it was time to leave. She thinks we don’t know the look, but we do. The look of dread on both their faces as they approach us like a ticking bomb, ready to explode when they say it ‘time to go now’ BOOOM!!

So, in the end they carried us out of the adventure play as we protested, in tandem. Rory gave less of a fight and they managed to get him in the trike with a Go Ahead bar but it was going to take them a bit more than that for me today. I managed to screw Dad for a £1 for a bag of crisps that I didn’t even want, and then laughed in his face when he couldn’t grasp the fact that just because he had bought me crisps from the machine, didn’t mean I was going to surrender and get in the trike. Not. A. Chance.

In the end I got my own way and managed to walk back out towards the car park. Daddy swept me up whilst we manouvered our way through the gift shop, but it was just comedy value watching them rush through in the hope of a swift and easy exit.

So, Rory got in the car, no bother. Me on the other hand. I didn’t really want to get in the car just yet. I thought I would see what I could get out of them first. We have this unwritten rule you see, when I don’t want to do something, they look for some kind of currency, something I want, and then exchange it for 1st doing the thing they want, the thing I don’t want to do, because if I do it then I get the thing I want. It works brilliantly. On both parts. Daddy decided to start the bartering. The thing is, he is so so easy to push. I’m chuckling inside when he tries to take charge. Mum starts packing the stuff away and Daddy starts the auction with the top 5 fail safes;

Do you want to go to the park? NO

Do you want to go see Nannie Di? NO

Do you want sweeties? NO

Do you want a McDonalds? NO

Do you want Daddys phone? NO

And well, I was impressed. I had managed to hold out, and Daddy was, well….he’d ran out of currency. So Mum sacked him off and took over. And off she went, meanwhile I am stood in the middle seat of Daddies truck, just that little bit out of reach without a struggle. We had an audience with Judgy Jacky, the old lass in the car next door, she even put her window down and Mum was certain this was now entertainment for her. Mum was fully aware of listening ears and put on her calm (but losing it) voice with THAT look…

Do you want to go to the park? NO

Do you want to go see Nannie Di? NO

Do you want sweeties? NO

Do you want a McDonalds? NO

Do you want my phone? NO

Youtube? NO

and then she took a pack of envelopes from the back of Daddys seat.

Ooooh, would Austin like a magic envelope? YESSS!

And I sat down in my seat, because that magic envelope was worth it!

Where is the logic?

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2 Replies to “The logic of a toddler!”

  1. You are too nice my bargaining was no where near so nice 1 get in your seat 2pinching their arms NOW 3ill put u in the boot !!! 4 put them in the boot shut the boot And wait !!!! 5sorry I’ll sit in my seat !!!! Xxxx

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