We go again!

So the Easter holidays have drawn to an end.

We have been up to all sorts of adventures;

  • Mummy and daddy finished our garden and we played out lots and lots.
  • We visited Mattel Play in Liverpool with Frankie and Auntie Lucy
  • Baby Erin & Auntie Vicky visited
  • We went wild paddling in two different rivers
  • We went to 3 different parks in 3 different towns in one day
  • We went to Clever Toys – twice
  • We visited Nannie & Grandads caravan and took our Range Rover for a spin
  • We went car shopping with Mummy and she got a Range Rover too, a real one!
  • We went to visit Jonah and Auntie Kerry.
  • Our cousin Amelia came to play with Hannah
  • Our playgroup friends (Frankie, Emmie, Lexa, Oscar, Oliver and Freddie) and their mummy’s all came to play
  • We went to see Ben & Holly LIVE in Harrogate
  • We went on a woodland walk adventure with Beau
  • Nannie, Grandad, Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum all visited loads

Besides from our adventure and fun, we had lots and lots of wins;

  • Austin’s speech has come on lots and lots. He is saying 3 word phrases now in context. He can hold a conversation. He is so confident. Ok, so most people wouldn’t know what he was saying, but his sounds are getting better and better every day. He said ‘Happy Birthday Mum’ and ‘Love you too Mum’ which will stick with Mummy forever.
  • Austin mastered the scooter and driving the Range Rover by himself without a grown up using the remote.
  • Rory is so much more interactive. His attention, listening and copying has reached a new level. He is much more confident in communication. He even played with a complete stranger taking turns at the play cafe. Genuine eye contact and interaction and he is now starting to play games and enjoy other people in his world.

So what next?

Back to pre-school in the morning, albeit a short 3 week term.

Although our constant battle for nurse cover will continue, the rota only names cover for Monday and Thursday at the moment.

Tomorrow we have a visit from the Early Years lady who is coming to assess us again after nursery for our development. Mummy knows we are moving mountains and isn’t worried.

Tuesday – Mummy has a 1:1 video consultation with Joanne Jones again to discuss the huge progress we have made and make a plan for the future.

Austin is trying a new exercise with his jaw / mouth muscles to improve his oral motor skills to help his dribbling and improve his letter sounds and speech. He has to chew a Chewy tube twice a day to work the muscles to build up their strength.

Rory has his appointment date for further investigation into why his windpipe keeps collapsing.

We will continue to build on Rory’s communication and social interaction in the hope that one day he will be able to communicate like Austin does.

We have a weeks family holiday to Tattershall Lakes to look forward to.

Just keep swimming guys! ๐Ÿ  ๐ŸŸ

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