Ha Durday Maam!

My 31st Birthday began by collecting the boys from Nannie & Grandads after their sleepover.

Our night off had been the same as usual, regardless of it being my birthday. We forced ourselves to go out for tea, when really we just wanted to go home, get some jobs done and then get an early night. We had 3 courses at The Elephant and Castle which was lovely but we ate ourselves into a not great state and then still en route home, called into Aldi for essentials, hoovered up when we got home, then emptied all the hoover filters and put them through the washer with unstoppables so that they smelled nice. Followed by a shower and an early night. Crazy yeah? Our family and friends are always telling us to enjoy our child-free time but it is so rare, that when we do get a night off, it is just more sensical to catch up on house work and sleep so that life is easier when we pick the boys up the following morning, like resetting and starting again.

So, after our 7 solid hours sleep, we arrived at Nannie & Grandads. Everyone was wishing me happy birthday and Austin picked up on this and copied. It was clear as day what he was trying to say. He is trying so so so hard and we can make sense of lots of what he is saying now.

‘Ha Durday Maam’

I couldn’t help it – the tears were flowing. Mine,my mum and my dads and Ash wasn’t far off either. It was such a lovely moment. I will treasure it forever. There were so many times I thought I would never be a mum, so many months I wondered if A&R would ever make it home, years of striving for what everyone else has (normality) and recently, so many times I wondered if A&R would ever be verbal. To sit there and hear those words ‘Ha Durday Maam’ is a memory that will stick with me forever. I’m even crying about it just writing this.

A few minutes later Austin came and kissed me, and then Ash and then Grandad, we were all saying how lovely that was and how loving he was being and it then transpired that Nannie told him he could have a biscuit if he gave everyone a kiss. 🤣

So, what did we get up to today?

We planned on visiting a number of parks. splashing in the river. Testing out our scooters for the first time. Here’s how we got on…

A morning at Millhouses Park in Sheffield;


It was so lovely watching the boys paddling in the river. Such a shame that we couldn’t let Rory go, held his hand the whole time for obvious reasons, onlookers thinking I was a crazy over protective mum not letting go of his hand whilst he paddled in the little stream in the water play area. But then again, he was experiencing it, he was enjoying life, jumping around in the stream just like Austin and I suppose we have to applaud ourselves for making sure he doesn’t miss out on normal childhood things like this and it was a lovely moment watching them in their wellybobs!

We called for a McDonalds on route to Norfolk Park but in the end, due to the football in town, chose to head closer to home to avoid traffic and so we ended up at Thorpe Hesley park;


Then we called at The Forge, at the bottom of our street to test out our scooters. Another perfect moment, watching Austin do something completely normal. His little flamingo leg that he holds up so high as he rolls along the park. Another moment I didn’t take for granted. Feeling so so so proud of them both.

Austin wanted to watch the big boys playing footy…

And one of them offered us his spare ball. He went out of his way to bring it to us. How unbelievably kind is that?

We returned home to chill out for the afternoon, except on arriving home we found a poorly Beau Jangles. Even though Beau is on medication for her fits, on Monday, I found her having one in the garden. She was ok after but today when we arrived home she had clearly been very poorly whilst we were gone and there was lots of bodily fluid and lots of cleaning up to do in the extension.

I’m not great at just cleaning one space, I ended up blitzing the whole downstairs, I cleaned down and buffed the cupboard doors in the kitchen, washed the cushion covers, bathed beau and everything. On my birthday – yeah I know!

No sooner had I finished than we called bedtime and just as I am putting Austin in the bath, thinking Ash and Rory were 10 steps behind, Ash shouts up for help. Rory has thrown up bigtime! Great – my newly cleaned kitchen was now covered in sick.

Most importantly, Rory seemed ok. He had his bath and fell to sleep and I returned downstairs to re-clean the house of bodily fluids!

Happy Birthday – just another day in our crazy life!


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