Snapshot: Year 3!

Our third year was much different to our second. We achieved so much more, we made such big changes, the next steps, we grew up – ALOT!

We were able to get out and about a lot more. We had lots of playdates with all of our friends and we were invited to lots of birthday parties.

We frequented Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Eureka, The Deep, Wigfield Farm, Chatsworth.

We went to the seaside for the day – LOTS. We also had holidays at Nannies Caravan at Lake Dacre Park, Auntie Mandy’s caravan at Filey, Tattershall lakes, Butlins and Center Parcs.

We had an adventure on a narrowboat in Macclesfield and another in Sheffield.

We had a day out with Thomas and his Friends.

We celebrated Tour De Yorkshire passing through our village.

We did the Head Start Walk for Neurocare for the second year and Jessops Superheroes walk, only this time Rory pulled his tube our mid way through the park.

We visited the opening of the brand new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Barnsley Hospital for babies like us.

We tried Tumble Tots and joined Mini Kicks.

We attended the Gala for the 3rd year.

We went on our first train and bus ride.

We saw Santa properly for the first time.

We enjoyed the Mates of Milton Light Switch On and managed the fireworks and the crowds.

And the biggie – we started nursery. It has been tough at times, especially sending Austin without Rory at first and then the constant ongoing battle of getting nurse cover for Rory. But Austin has been going to nursery for a whole year now, and Rory (albeit inconsistently) 9 months. It has been a life changer for us, being able to socialise with other children and make friends.

We even celebrated our first world book day and dressed up!

It has been a rollercoaster year, with so many worries and stresses. Rory alone has been in theatre 3 times. We’ve had 3 lots of bad news with regards to his airway and have moved further away from getting his tube out after feeling like it was almost nailed on. Hard to accept and life changing decisions made.Rory stopped taking his medication and Mummy started giving alternative therapy and took on a challenge with Joanne Jones and has seen huge huge progress.

Our reports that Mummy got this week from nursery show just how much progress we have made and they make Mummy very proud because we have just closed the door on a difficult year, with a very positive ending.

Snapshots of Austins Report:

Austin is a pleasant boy who has become very popular amongst his friends.

Austin is a popular boy in setting.

Austin loves playing outdoors and he climbs confidently.

Austin enjoys riding in cars and relaxing in our summer house.


Snapshots of Rory’s Report:

Rory is showing will and determination.

Rory is a very confident mover.

He loves to problem solve and will spend a lot of time focusing on this activity.

Rory has made so much progression within the last term.


They are So So So different and they are both doing so well. I could not be prouder of them both and how far they have come. It has been a difficult ride and there are still mountains to climb, i’m not modest, I know that although i’m not perfect and i’m winging it every single day, I know that the boys are where they are because of the hard work, grit, determination and pure sacrifice I have given to explore every avenue to make the journey here from those difficult beginnings.

Who knows what this next year will bring!




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