Shall we go to Sodor tomorrow?

Uncle Kieran and Auntie Claire put some money in our 1st Birthday card for a trip to Kirklees Light Railway to see Thomas and his friends. That was 2 years ago and whilst we had it on our bucket list amongst the many other vouchers and annual passes that we were gifted, we still hadn’t got round to it when Lucy and Ben and Frankie asked if they could book for us a trip out for our birthday (our 3rd Birthday) and so the plan came together and we were able to go all out with a days adventure, a binge in the toy shop and lunch too.

So why hadn’t we been in the two years since our first birthday? As much as Austin likes Thomas, he isn’t keen on things that move. He will sit on the little rides in supermarkets for example, but if we put money in, he has a meltdown because he wants to get off and doesn’t like it. We tried him on a train and a bus and he screamed for the whole journey. We also didn’t think they would appreciate it, and they wouldn’t have two years ago, but today….WOW!

It might sound very Austin heavy but Thomas is one of his faves whereas Rory can take it or leave it and today was really about Austin. We built it up to Austin the day before, we told his we were going to Sodor. For the non-thomas fans our there, this is where thomas lives, the island of sodor. We told him that we were going to Sodor. He was so excited. An emotion we haven’t seen from him yet.

We had to do some nap math, we needed to be on the platform for 9:45am, which is right in the middle of nap time, so we left the house early in the hope for a nap before we got there. Didn’t happen. Rory didn’t nap at all and Austin managed about 20 minutes but pulling up at Sodor meant he woke with a spring in his step rather than being his usual grump when he wakes from nap time.

We met Lucy & Frankie and off we went.

We stood on the platform watching Rusty & Dusty and listening to The Fat Controller. Austin sat on his Dads shoulders, waving his flag in awe.

Then Thomas came. He was stunned.

We boarded Thomas and at first he was a little hesitant but we got the snack out to take his mind off it and soon he was ‘knock, knock, waving’ at the Fat Controller out of the window.

We got to the other side and we had a walk around exploring, played on the adventure play and then the bouncy castle. It was a little busy so Rory was holding on to Mummy and Daddy and just bouncing on the step of the castle to keep him safe but Austin went up and down the slide and inside the castle with Lucy and Frankie.

Then we found the play tent and we played for ages with all of the toys. Mummy said that she was really proud because Austin played really nice, taking turns, sharing and being aware of others around him. Daddy said that he was really proud of how Rory had been showing off his new playing skills and his interaction with others. He said that he had snatched a toy a couple of times but that he had realised and given it back which is also a huge huge step.

After this, we had a ride on Toby.

Then we got back on the train. This time is was Rosie. Austin waved at her as she tootled down the track.

We climbed on for our ride back and Rory got really sleepy. His ‘No Nap’ had caught up on him so when we got to the other side, Daddy popped him in the car and let him sleep and so Mummy and Austin and Lucy and Frankie spent the remainder of their time without him.

They tried out the big adventure play, said hi to the donkeys and then helped top up the water in Thomas’ Engine.

Then they went to the toy shop.

And finished off with a cold drink and a wander back to the car.

It really was a fantastic day out. Austin was in awe.

So many firsts, so many wins, so many ‘out of our comfort zone’ experiences for both A&R. We did right for waiting so that they appreciated it.

The rest of our afternoon saw us visiting Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum, playing at the park, Rory throwing up in the car, McDonalds tea and then home to play with our new toys and chill out after our busy day!

Rory’s sick was because he is still clearing his chest from being poorly. Being out in the fresh air loosened his secretions and meant for lots of coughing, lots of suctioning and so much phlegm that the only way for him to get it out is to vomit.

Luckily, Mum knows the signs and could see it coming with enough time to make Daddy strip off so she could catch it in his hoody and then bag it, boot it and carry on with life.

Struggle. is. real!

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