A&E surprise!

What a week. We got slightly more sleep as the boys got better but there was just as much drama.

Here’s 10 highlights of our week;


Mummy & Daddy finally opened the gate to let us into the living room. We were only ever allowed in the playroom and then eventually the kitchen too but Mummy & Daddy decided to let us have freedom.


2.Beau at Uncle Craig & Uncle Calums house.

As everything was chaotic, especially at night with the noise from the machines, constant suctioning, crying, nebuliser machine buzzing and Beau feeling stressed. So Beau shared her time between Nannie and Grandad and Uncle Craig and Uncle Calum. She was very at home wherever she went….

3.Night shifts

The night shifts were still ongoing. We did 8 in a row. It was tough going. The medicenes were being administered every 30 minutes to an hour and so there wasn’t any let up between that and suctioning every 10 – 15 minutes on average.

4.Austin & Beau friends

Austin and Beau Jangles wind eachother up ALL of the time. Mummy was on night shift with Rory and Daddy went to bed with Austin who was already tucked up on Mummys side. He sent her this pic. Friends really. How cute!


5. Daddy in A&E

In short, Daddy nearly sliced his thumb off at work and had to get stitches. He’s fine and he was straight back to work from A&E.

6. Playdays at Nannie & Grandads House

After over a week stuck indoors, we were a little bit fed up so we went to play at Nannies house for a change.


7. Back in own beds – sleep back to normal

We finally, after 8 days of nightshifts we returned back to a normal sleep routine with everyone back in their normal beds. We all got more than 4 hours sleep and we felt human the next day.

8.Local walk, feeding ducks and pub

The sun was shining, we had all had some sleep and so we went for a trike ride locally, called at the park, fed the ducks and went to the pub for a bag of quavers and a fruit shoot.

9.Owd Martha’s Yard

We spent a few hours at Owd Martha’s Yard, community garden, tending to our planter that Nannie has taken on for us. Mummy made a video about it, it is on our Facebook and Instagram page. Our patch has lots of sensory plants with different scent and textures. We loved watering the plants and exploring.

10.Back to normal – week ahead 

Even Beau Jangles is allowed to walk again after her knee injury. She is still on pain relief but after her weeks rest, she is back on her adventures twice a day. She was so miserable without her walkies and Daddy was at a loose end. He has walked her twice a day every day for nearly ten years.

So, we are just getting over our poorly spell and life is slowly returning back to normal. We have plans to visit Thomas at Kirklees Light Railway tomorrow and then next week is a busy one with nursery, Rory’s appointment in theatre to assess his windpipe, laser off scar tissue, Austins tongue-tie appointment too.

Just keep swimming.



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