Taking the NURSE out of NURSEry!

Our last update on nurse cover was that following the disappearance of 3 nurses from our package in the first week of term, leaving us with no cover whatsoever, we were given two completely new nurses to meet us on Monday, one being a manager taken out of the office and sent to work with Rory as she is experienced and the other one in training.

However, the one in training didn’t turn up and when Mummy asked why she was told that ‘i’m just gunna be honest, we haven’t been able to get in touch with her’ and whilst we appreciate the honesty, it is frustrating that we were offered a resolution that wasn’t actually in place in the first place.


Austin stayed at home with Nannie to make sure that Mummy could concentrate on Rory and his new nurse. Mummy stayed with the new nurse, talked her through everything, showed her the ropes and then watched her with Rory from the office. Mummy enjoyed making lilypads for the water tray to help out whilst keeping a watchful eye on the new nurse. Whilst she was capable of caring for his tube, his heart wasn’t full and his smile was dull, he missed his fave – Claire!


We were at the hospital, this day is detailed in the blog emotional wreck!


The Manager / nurse arrived with the nurse in training. Mummy showed her the ropes and then left them. She was confident that they could keep him alive by caring for his tube, and Mummy knows that nursery staff were on with looking after Rory. However, no sooner had Mummy left and peered through the window that she saw them chatting and Rory legging it for the water. She knocked on the window and nursery staff were on it!


Same again!


The nurse in training wasn’t in today, it came to light that she can only do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We were told she had full availability. The manager asked yesterday if she could bring yet another nurse to meet us but it didn’t materialise. Mummy agreed but made it clear that she expects the manager to stay in nursery until she is confident with anyone else, or Super Claire returns!

In short, Rory was able to attend nursery all week (aside from Tuesday due to hospital) and in the grand scheme, this is what matters. Thankfully,  the nursery manager who is very accommodating and patient, Rory’s key worker who has a heart of gold and so much understanding and the absolute gem of a practitioner who is so loving and genuine yet so firm and consistent with him, who unfortunately leaves 4 days a week just after lunch, were on it looking after Rory and putting the smile on his face.

Mummy knew that he was cared for, that his needs were met and that there was a nurse capable of dealing with his tube.

It wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t Claire, but he could attend and thats what is important.

Here is a pic of us on World Book Day this week….


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