Pass me the towel…

And let me get back that ring!

Ever felt like you are actually in a boxing ring, yet with no opponent. That is exactly how Mummy felt on Thursday.

Quick recap; long term battle for consistent nurse cover for Rory to attend nursery. Recently assured that the term was now covered after having met a 4th nurse.

Monday – INSET day.

Tuesday – nurse off sick

Wednesday – usual nurse worked but the new nurse (on her first shift) wasn’t available due to sickness. Upon further digging it turned out this nurse was actually working with another child covering their package and not off sick.

Thursday – new nurse still ‘off sick’ and so not started shadowing the usual nurse to learn the ropes and take over and the nursery call, our nurse had to go due to a family emergency leaving us with no nurse over whatsoever for the rest of the term, given that 3days age we had full cover, Mummy was furious that she was yet again having to find it within her to fight all over again.

This is just a snippet of a catalogue of errors and now a final straw. When mummy couldn’t get through to the manager who was always ‘on another line’ ‘out of office’ or the call ended ‘accidentally’ and the lady at the NHS who commissions the care company out of office until next week, Mummy found herself fuming. She wanted to make her feelings known, she wanted answers, she wanted cover for Rory and she wanted it NOW and there was nobody to join Mummy in the ring!

Mummy has a lot on her plate at the moment and can do without the additional stress and she found herself feeling poorly. There were lots of tears and Daddy, Nannie and Grandad were all sat in the playroom holding it altogether when the phone rang and Mummy lost her cool.

Calm, collected and composed – that is usually Mummy. She is firm and gets her point across but always in a polite and professional manner, following channels to complain, taking time to understand their governing bodies and who the big guys are if mummy needed to shout up the hierarchy but on Thursday evening she completely blew her top!

Mummy told the lady she would give them 24/48 hours to get it covered and that she would only accept Rory missing a further 3 days off this term moving forward. The lady said she would ring back tomorrow morning and Mum was smugly watching the clock at 11:57 thinking that she knew they would let us down again, she knew they couldn’t do it….and it rang.

They are taking a manager with trachy experience out of the office to cover Rory’s shifts and putting a new carer in as of Monday.

So tomorrow, we have two completely new faces, Mummy has to go to nursery and stay so that she can show them the ropes and Austin has to stay home with Nannie to give Rory and Mummy space to do that!

Wish us luck!

This weekend we went to Louie’s Toy Story party…

And went to football, had a roast beef dinner and played with Nannie and grandad.


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