Mum Guilt!

So, just when we thought we had every nursery shift covered with nurse care for Rory – our lovely nurse is off sick and because the company providing the care don’t have the package covered properly, Rory couldn’t go to nursery. And so, here we were fast asleep in the car, fully clothed in uniform, packed lunch and nursery bag in the boot and Mummy facing the decision of whether to keep Austins opportunity and let him go whilst breaking Rory’s heart and telling him that even though he is in uniform, he can’t go to nursery today, or is it all for one and one for all, and we all stay off nursery and spend the afternoon together.

It is so so hard to give one without the other, or to hold one back because of the other, or to watch one twin thrive whilst the other is held back and absolutely nothing you can do about it. Mummy has fought so so hard and we do have a plan in place with cover for every day, but second day of term that fails because we just don’t have an adequate level of staffing to cover the days let alone sickness and so this is where it falls down.

So what did we do?

We went home and got changed. We had a picnic at Owd Martha’s Yard and started to decorate and pot up our planter that nannie has taken on for us in the community garden. She decorated it with flowers she has made and we are going to put some plant pot men in that she and grandad are making for us, and we are going to have all sensory flowers and herbs in it so that we can call after nursery and water them and look after them.

We went home and our friend Lexa came to play.

We had lots of fun and hopefully we will be back at nursery tomorrow!

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