I’m a little bit lost without you…

Half term is over and today was our first day back at Pre-school. Mummy has been with us 24/7 for a solid 2 weeks and today when she walked out of nursery, she felt a little lost. We are so much fun, such good company, full of joy and adventure and when she got home to a quiet house, she felt a little bit empty.

So what did we get up to in half term? We played Football, we had playdates with our friends, we went to play cafes and soft play. We walked Beau, we did lots of local walks, played at the park, had lots of fun in the garden. We went to two different soft play parties. We went to Meadowhall and made our first Build A Bear, we had a pizza hut, we went to visit Baby Erin when she was born. We have been to The Wildlife Park, Wigfield Farm, the seaside and on the beach. We have fed the ducks LOTS. We have visited Owd Martha’s Yard and been over the Humber Bridge. We went to the place where Mummy & Daddy had their wedding party and did our first big boy shopping in Matalan and Dunelm Mill. We have been to JUMP Incflatable and played with our friends.

We met Rory’s new nurse and went to Sheffield Children’s Hospital to see our heroes in respiratory. We also went to visit the GP too about Austins possible tongue tie.

We have had lots of fun.

Today, Austin had his appointment with the GP, he was super grown up, walked into the surgery, Mummy talking to him the whole time, she helped him put his name in on the touch screen and then watched for his name popping up on the big screen. Then when they got to the door, he didn’t want to go through the door and got upset. Mummy carried him in and by the end of the appointment, he took the referral letter himself and high-fived the Dr before taking the letter to the desk like a big boy.

We went to nursery with no drama whatsoever, like we had never been away, Mummy couldn’t believe it.

Whilst we were at pre-school, Mummy listened to the Better podcast by Charlotte Wager-Hall (AKA Skinny Schedule) with Emily Wilkinson, whilst making lunch and tidying round. Then she began making her way through the teachable programmes from Joanne Jones, learning on the go. She was listening and learning all about communication and language whilst She took two bags of stuff to the charity shop and took Beau on a little walk which was really nice. Mummy sometimes feels guilty that Beau doesn’t get as much of her now that we are here, but she still gets her two walks a day WITHOUT FAIL and has lots of fun in the garden and cuddles at night. It was lovely to have a little walk around the ponds together in the nice weather.

Mummy picked us up in the afternoon and took us for a KFC which we ate on the front lawn on a picnic blanket.

Then we went inside and Austin chose the see and spell puzzle and we all sat down together which was lovely.

We sang lots of nursery rhymes and then Nannie came to visit. It is incredible to see the change in us both of recent, Austin is so chatty, you wouldn’t know what he was saying, but Mummy and Daddy do and they can have full on conversations with him. Rory has made huge progress, he is making so much more eye contact, he is interacting more with adults and other children. He responds to you, especially when you are singing. He plays lots of turn taking games, especially if it involves building towers or playing with a ball. We are heading in the right direction, it is just a case of using the different techniques which we have learned from Joanne Jones and her programme, it really has unlocked both of our boys and allowed them to begin sharing their little personalities with the world.

Tonight’s bath time, Mummy took this photo. She noticed that she and Daddy were stood beside the bath but not holding on to Rory, yet he was sat in the water, playing nicely. Austin was playing sensibly besides Rory and they were really enjoying their bath time. This is such a huge milestone for us, bath time is such a risk for Rory, yet here we are managing it with some level of independence, compared to the days when Daddy literally didn’t let go of Rory, in the most shallowest of baths.

And so on that note, we are all off to bed for an early night.

Here’s to another new term in pre-school, hopefully with full nurse cover and an equal opportunity for Rory alongside Austin.

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