Local Loves!

Today we had lots of fun exploring all things local.

We are very lucky where we live that we have lots of lovely local spaces to play and more specially, local spaces which are loved and cared for by volunteers, including Mummy, Nannie & Grandad.

We met Princess Katie and her Mummy on The Forge playing field, ok, it is looking a little tired now, and the play equipment is relatively basic compared to other parks but it is perfectly placed at the bottom of our street, it has several football pitches, lots of green space with trees, bird houses and bug homes and things to explore. It has a skate park and a hard-surfaced Multi-use games area, as well as the obvious swing, slide and see-saw. If you walk across the field and up the hill, there is also the ponds where we feed the ducks almost daily. We had a quick half an hour there this morning before nap time.

Then, we went for some lunch and went to visit Owd Martha’s Yard. OMY is a community garden that has developed over recent years from being waste land behind a local working mens club in Hoyland Town Centre, to being a real special place for everyone to enjoy.

It has a very natural theme to it with most things made from recycled pallets and disused pot sinks and such like. One of the volunteers is very creative and has made lots of childrens toys and learning aids out of wood which are placed around the garden. There is so much to see and do and explore,  we have been about a dozen times in our short 2 years and only today did we realise it has a meadow with a little wildlife pond in, and a quiet bench nestled amongst the trees with a special box which houses a notepad for thoughts and poetry. Mummy left them a poem of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

It really does have so much to offer, you can go any time, it is completely FREE but the voluntary group is always looking for helpers, donations – not just cash but of plants, wood, bricks, paving slabs, anything that they could use for the garden. They have a green house made of plastic bottles which have all been donated, and so if you like the space as much as we do, why not give something back so that you can keep it going. Today we hung two bird feeders and left a hand ful of toy cars for their new wooden play village. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

We really did enjoy our time here today, exploring. Everyone is welcome and hopefully I can spread the word through blogging about it, I posted a video on our facebook page and already lots of people are asking where it is and how to find it. It is situated behind The Belmont WMC in Hoyland, You can access it by going through the car park down the side of Elachi, or up the snicket at the top of Milton Hill.

Go and check it out, all they ask and rightly so, is that you tidy up before you go, respect the garden and the other people using it and if you have fun, let someone else know.

Grow the love!

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2 Replies to “Local Loves!”

  1. FYI this land is owned by the Belmont WMC, it isn’t ‘wasteland’ as described.


    1. Thanks John. I suppose I just meant that it was not in use before nor loved the way that Alison and the team love it now!


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