A bent fork!

What a crazy busy weekend.

On Saturday Mummy went to Fortay Media in Sheffield to record a podcast for iTunes and film for YouTube at the same time with her Teacher come Blogger friend Charlotte Wager – Hall. We had a little adventure with Daddy whilst she was there.nb

She had a really great time, albeit she was nervous but she filmed for a full 37 minutes, a podcast full of emotion, but laughs and giggles and lots of fun. Follow Skinny Schedule on Facebook or Instagram and find her on iTunes or YouTube. It will be uploaded in the coming weeks for you to either watch or listen to.

Charlotte AKA Skinny Schedule decided to record podcasts and YouTube videos to help people to be a better version of themselves and she does this by interviewing a professional or a person with a specific experience about their tips to be better at something, be that at knowing what to wear, how to post in photos or how to survive that tough gig of life you have been dealt, in our words, surviving an IVF journey.

Mummy has never blogged about her IVF, not specifically because she doesn’t want to, she has always been very open about it, but mostly that the blog was born once we were born and from that point onwards it has always been about us, about prematurity and our health, and not really about Mummy and her IVF journey.

She is putting together a one-off special about her IVF though and is considering whether to post the video of her first injection, her snaps from theatre for egg collection, the scan pictures of her embryos, including one of us when we were just one cell, before we divided up to make identical twins. How crazy is that!

Afterward we picked mummy up from the studio, we went for a McDonalds treat and to play in Hillsborough park before going home to play in the garden and then going for a sleepover at Nannie and Grandads house. Beau jangles slept at uncle Craig and Uncle Calums house and so Mummy & Daddy went to Claire & Bens wedding party and had an awesome time.

There was a magician who bent forks with magic and did awesome card tricks. Daddy loved him. They were having so much fun they were still there when the bar closed and the lights came up. Neither of them know when that happened last, possible about a decade ago for Mummy.

Sunday came and Mummy & Daddy picked us up from Nannie and Grandads and took us to Kixx, we didn’t have a great session, Rory wasn’t particularly interested in engaging with the activity and Austin whilst the first 20 minutes were his best yet, he became tired and wanted to go. Afterwards we napped in the car before Great Uncle Paul came to visit.

Following this we went to cousin Charlies birthday party…

And went to visit Baby Erin. Auntie VIcky & Uncle Nath were absolutely smitte, Mummy cried when she held her, she was so tiny and precious and cute and dainty and pretty and just an absolute bundle of beautifullness. We cannot wait to grow into this chapter wherewe are all back on the same life page! family life. There is no beating it!

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