Garden Goals!

There’s just something about those first days of sunshine, warmer temperatures and birds tweeting that just feels good to the soul!

Is the winter over? Is this just a sneak peak of spring before we get catapulted back into winter with snow and frost and freezing temperatures? Who knows! But let’s make the most of it for now!

On Thursday we played in the garden, it was lovely.

When Mummy made us go inside we were were really sad and so we were super grateful that we got to go and play outside on a Friday aswell, only this time we got to play with Norah and Violet and their mummy because they came to play.

Norah is our nursery friend, more specifically Austin’s nursery friend but she’s really good with Rory too. And Violet is her little sister who will also be joining us all at nursery soon and that will be lovely.

We played inside for a while before going outside in the garden. Norahs Mummy nipped our to bring back fish and chips and we had a chippy lunch in the garden in the sunshine. It was lovely.

NB: obviously I edited out that Rory did a massive poo whilst Mummy was trying to get all 4 of us shoes and coats on ready for the garden whilst Norahs mummy was at the chippy. And Norah needing a poo mid way through dinner, and Violet having a mahoosive messy poo in the garden which resulted in part outfit change. Because obvs it fish & chips in the garden doesn’t sound so idyllic when you put 3 poos in the mix!

On Friday we also had a new window cleaner guy and Austin was really interested. He grabbed a chair and watched out the window. The man kept pretending to squirt him and Austin kept ducking and everyone was laughing. Then Rory pitched up a chair and completely confused the window cleaner who thought he was seeing double. 🤣

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