Our First Build a Bear!

For our 1st birthday, Nannies Cousin Lesley, her daughter Jaime and her daughter Jaylah, bought us gift vouchers for Build a Bear. They had put lots of pennies into the voucher and Mummy wanted us to spend it on something special, and so she saved it for a whole 2 years before letting us spend it.

We wouldn’t have appreciated it or even been able to take part in the whole experience then and so this week when Daddy had finished work, we went.

We walked into the shop and I spotted Chase from Paw Patrol and instantly had to have him. Mummy got me a basket and I put chase in, so excited, I ran around the shop looking at everything with my eyes practically popping out.

It was also the first time we have been shopping on foot. And possibly the first time we have been to Meadowhall since we were a few month old in a park and non the wiser. We were amazed by all the colours and people and magic escalators and the glass panels where we could look downstairs. It was fascinating.

I chose some Thomas Pjs for Chase to wear and a backpack and then I helped out stuffing inside him, make him a birth certificate, give him a heart and a voice.

Rory didn’t like it so much. He stayed in the shop for a short while but then he got fed up so daddy went for a walk with him and me and a mummy chose his bear. We made him a lion with lots of heat and made him into a fireman and called him Sam!

We toddled through Meadowhall back to the car and I carried both boxes with Sam and Chase.

At one point we wanted to climb the stairs and touch things and we were both lay on the floor in the middle of Meadowhall with shoppers striding over us, but mum and dad were cool with that, they said we had been amazing.

We decided to go to Pizza Hut for lunch and I insisted that Chase came with us and that he had a seat (table for 5 🤣🙈) and then I tried feeding him chips.

Chase said I had to eat my chips so I looked him dead in the eye and said ‘yes’ and started to eat them. Mummy and daddy were giggling, turns out it was mum putting a silly voice on.

On the way back to the car, I stopped to put Chase on the flor so he could have a wee.

Isn’t imagination great!!

Thanks Lesley, Jaime & Jaylah! X

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