Upside down, inside out.

What a week that was. The fact that we are just getting round to blogging about it on a Tuesday night says a lot about the affairs in our house at the moment.

Beau Jangles has gone to respite and Mummy & Daddy have both been packing their bags to go with her on at least one occasion. It is just so difficult sometimes, the situation is impossible, one toddler is hard, but two toddlers, two poorly toddlers and a trachy, and a dog who gets stressed and fits, teamed with a Mummy on the edge and a hard-working Daddy going to work on 3 n half hours sleep, well……there’s not much more to say is there!

What was originally a week of appointments, turned into a week of confusion and delay.

Monday saw Austin in nursery, no nurse cover for Rory and so story had 1:1 time with Mummy…

Monday was also a development check with the lady from the Health Visiting team, it went ahead, the lady wasn’t concerned, we are moving mountains and are meeting everything that we should be aside from the communication and language milestones and the ones relating to that. Which is great news as that hasn’t been the case for a long time really.

Tuesday was supposed to be an appointment for Austin regarding his possible tongue tie, but it had to be cancelled because we’d had a difficult night with a grumpy poorly Austin. No nursery again because Austin wasn’t well enough. We had nurse cover for Rory but she isn’t fully trained and so Mummy would have had to stay in nursery too, but because Austin needed her at home, both boys missed their day at nursery.

Austin was so grumpy that he insisted on leaving the house in his pjs with odd shoes on 😩

Wednesday we both went to nursery as planned, Austin was still a little grumpy, but we managed. Speech & Language were supposed to be visiting Rory in nursery but cancelled the appointment because his attendance had been so poor due to the lack of nurse cover that they didn’t think it was worth a visit and postponed until mid-march.

9PM that evening was supposed to be our first group video call with all of the other parents from all over the world and Joanne Jones. We had to cancel as we had a bit of an emergency. Rory managed to get the fairy washing up liquid from a LOCKED CUPBOARD whilst MUMMY WAS STOOD COOKING IN THE KITCHEN, and sneak into the playroom where he SAT DRINKING IT! Utter panic, a huge pile of pomegranate smelling vomit and a call with a paramedic later, our little bubble machine eventually came round to himself. Don’t think he will be doing that again soon!

Thursday we were supposed to be meeting a possible new nurse for Rory’s nursery package. It had taken us a lot of fighting to get to this stage and the carer we were meeting had already been changed to someone else and then 30 minutes before we were expecting them to arrive, the meeting was cancelled altogether as the nurse had been given to another package so that another little boy could go to school. Cue: angry, frustrated Mummy who is no longer standing for anything less than sending HER LITTLE BOY TO SCHOOL!!

On Friday, Mummy fell down the stairs whilst holding both of us. We have become a bit of a nightmare for wanting to go upstairs and lay on Mummy & Daddys bed reading books and singing nursery rhymes, it is really lovely, but when Mummy is trying to get us downstairs and out the door for nap/nursery routine and yet has already been up and down 12 times by 9am, her patience wears thin. Especially when no sooner has she left twin 1 and the bottom of the stairs and gone up to fetch twin 2, twin 1 is already half way up the stairs again, resulting in her grabbing us both, one under each arm and carrying us back down. Unfortunately she fell, we were both fine as we landed on Mummy but Mummys back and shoulder had taken a bit of a fall and she was a little shook up by it.

Amongst all of the above chaos, Rory has escpaed out of the front door twice. the second time the door was locked. Mummy buying Melissa & Doug lock and key boards at christmas was a great idea, until now when Rory has become an escape artist. Its all good fun, especially when Mum is sat on the loo and hears the front door and has to leg it across the house and up the drive to catch us before we are plastered all over the news.

There is no dignity for Mum in this world.

All you non-Mothers out there that ‘I hope I have twins, it would be so cute’ think again guys! They run rings around you, even our eyes-wide open Mummy sometimes.

Friday was the last day of nursery, it had tired us out so much we dropped to sleep on the way home.

Friday night was another really rubbish night for both of us, especially Austin and we seemed to have red spots like a rash all over us. Mummy wondered if we had chicken pox as it is on its rounds, but looking back it was just a bit of a viral rash with us being run down and poorly.

Saturday we were supposed to be seeing Nat & Big T but there is absolutely no way we were in a place for visitors and so we postponed but as the morning went on we perked up and so Mummy decided to stick with our plans to meet Kerry, Tim and Jonah for lunch at Clever Tots. Austin had holy meltdown for a good 20 minutes in the corridor, refused to go in. The owner even carried in a giant trains table to entice him in, we offered all the goodies, fruit shoot and quavers. He was having none of it, he wasn’t feeling himself at all. Eventually he came round and we were all playing nicely, chatting away and enjoying our food when Rory stood up on a chair and fell off, landing on his head. He went pale and clammy, was coughing to be sick, Mummy & Auntie Kerry and Daddy were poised ready, his started going all sleepy but we managed to pull him back and he came round too but everyone was a little shook up and scared for him as he really did go with a bang.

Mummy has felt like she has failed to keep us safe from harm this week.

We’ve spent lots of time on the poorly blanket

On Sunday, we cancelled our footy session with Kixx but kept our plans for the afternoon for Nannie Newbs, Grandad Malc and Great Nannie T to visit. We don’t see them very often as as we were just staying home, we thought we would manage it. The boy’s were fed up and wanted out, Rory kept going for his shoes, Austin going upstairs, he didn’t want to be in the playroom anymore full of people staring at him, he didn’t feel very well and he just wanted to be left. Daddy tried to keep him in the playroom but this resulted in a bit of a meltdown for Austin who even threw some of his toys and got angry, not really like him and so we went for a walk with Beau for some fresh air and to break up the afternoon and our visitors went home.

Monday was a bit of a ‘meh’ day, Rory was really unwell, constant coughing fits, suctioning constantly, and so aside from feeding the ducks from the car to get us out of the house, we didn’t do anything and then Monday night was a bit pants.

Rory was definitely a 1:1 awake carer through the night jobby and so the sleep shift commenced. Nannie offered to have Austin over night so that Mummy & Daddy could get some rest when not on shift with Rory  but despite Mummy taking him to Nannie & Grandads, he didn’t want to stay and was really upset and when Mummy asked if he wanted to go home, he said ‘yes’ and so Mummy packed up his stuff and took him home. He eventually went to bed and Mummy & Daddy set up the poorly camp in the living room and split the remaining time into 2 x 4 hour shifts. Except Daddy only managed 3.5 hours and then went to work all day today, bless him.

Nannie did however come and collect Beau because all-nighters when the suction machine is on all night and the boys coughing and crying, it is just too much for her and so she went to stay with Nannie and Grandad for a few days rest.

Today was another day where being poorly took over, we managed an hours nap together in the car, then we had a mcd’s drive-thru lunch, 10 minutes at the park and then the rest of the afternoon at home getting better.

Mummy blitzed the playroom today. She has taken 70% of our toys away and put them into storage so that we have less out. Every so often when we have too many toys, usually after christmas and birthday, and we spend a lot of time in the playroom because of bad weather or being poorly, it all becomes a bit overwhelming and every now and then Mummy has a clear out. She sends lots of our toys to nursery because her rationale is that we will still benefit from them as we are there every day, but yet we don’t have to hoard them all forever at home. So, here is our streamlined playroom…..

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