What is Snow?

At nursery this term, one of Austin and Rory’s topics, amongst other things, has been about snow and snowmen. Quite fitting given the weather forecast.

I had written a blog about Austin noticing the snowflakes on the window and saying ‘noooo’ with such joy on his face and it feeling like such an awesome memorable moment. Following this I received a message from a lady called Liz, who runs a business called Bernie’s Bookshelf.

Liz told me all about a book called ‘What is Snow?’ It is part of the life the flap: very first questions and answers series, published by Usborne Children’s Books. Liz offered to send me one out the very next day and i’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t hungry for it to arrive, we do love a good book in our house.

When it arrived I was impressed. Written by Katie Daynes the book has over 30 flaps of different shapes and sizes for those curious little fingers to explore. The pages are full of beautiful illustrations which draw you in and it really is a fantastic introduction to snow. The book is one of those that can be used over and over and suitable for such an age range. Rory loved the different flaps which were so engaging and Austin enjoyed the repetition of the key words which is great for language development, and as they get older they will be interested in all of the questions and answers and you really can take it further if your little ones are ready for that.

Apparantly, there is a ‘What is Poo?’ version, I can’t wait to see that one when potty training arrives in our house.

So head over to Bernie’s Bookshelf via her website here!

You can also follow her on FACEBOOK: Bernies Bookshelf

She is currently offering Easter Baskets with a book, chocolate, a bunny mask and toy for £10.

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