Week 149!

Where do the weeks go?

On Monday we both went to nursery and unfortunately that was the last time Rory was in nursery because he didn’t have any nurse cover.

On Tuesday, neither of us went to nursery because Austin had an hospital appointment although we managed a sneaky trip to morrisons with Mummy and Nannie.

On Wednesday Austin went to nursery and Rory went to Nannies house for the afternoon so that mummy & Auntie Vicky could enjoy a child-free lunch before the baby arrives. It was fun, Rory baked with Nannie.

On Thursday and Friday Austin went to nursery and Rory had some adventure with Mummy.

We had an absolutely awesome weekend, lots of firsts, lots of wins, lots of shiny eyes.

On Saturday we went to one of our nursery friends birthday party. Mummy and Daddy were so emotional because we had an awesome time. Austin giggled when Marshall from Paw Patrol came out, he was in absolute awe of him, and then Rory was happily dancing and clapping away to the music on the dance floor with the disco lights, with all of the other children from nursery. That really was a special moment right there, although whilst Mummy and Daddy were wiping their tears, Rory ran off at super speed and Norah’s Mummy caught him, he had climbed on a chair to get to the table with all of the party bags and cake. Little monkey.

To end our absolutely brilliant weekend, we had a great session at Kixx. Austin scored his first goal, this time getting stuck straight in rather than holding back from the other children. Rory participated, took lots of interest in the coach and really enjoyed himself. Austin even copied some of the actions. They got so much out of it and it was great to see how much they had progressed after just 3 sessions.

Went went home for home made pizza and a party buffet and an afternoon at home!

Obviously, with the alternative therapy, Joanne Jones programme, Kixx on a weekend and nursery in the mix, we are taking one big step forward every single day!

We are on the home run guys, I can feel it!

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