No Gears!

We didn’t have masses planned for this weekend, and so on Saturday we cracked on with the usual food shop. Mummy had told Daddy about her mummy truck making strange sounds and she had taken in to the garage once and they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Well – on Saturday morning, it became quite clear that mummys brakes were broken and so we very slowly yet swiftly made our way home, parked up on the drive and put our isofix and car seats into Daddy’s monster truck for an adventure that was much safer.

We had a cheeky Mcds drive-thru for a treat in Daddy’s truck, which we both think is really exciting, and Daddy gave Mummy a little driving lesson because she had Claire’s hen do to attend that night and she was supposed to be driving, and well, it looked like she was going to be taking the truck. Problem was, Mummy hates driving automatic cars. The size of it didn’t really phase her, but the not having gears, or a clutch, really freaked her out – Almost 14 years of driving manual cars and you can understand why.

Mummy aced it, she practice parked the best in two car parks before braving it and reversing it down our driveway, anyone that knows our drive knows how difficult it is to get on and off because of the huge hill and the narrow driveway. She made it.

I went to Nannies for a sleepover and Rory stayed with Daddy. Rory liked his 1:1 time with Daddy and i made some Peppa Pig buns. Here is a video that Nannie took;

And a photo of the finished product.

Mummy had a lovely night with all of Claire’s Hens and was tucked up in bed slightly earlier than planned at 10:30pm. She says she is too old to party these days.

Sunday morning came and Mummy picked me up at 8:15am and we jetted off in Daddy’s truck to Mini Kicks  now known as KIXX after their re-brand.

Our session started really well because we both jumped straight in all smiles, no drama, anxieties or nerves. But then, I started to get really tired because I had been unsettled in the night and we both got up early, and then i bumped into another little boy and then I just wanted to go and sleep. So I sat on Mummy’s knee and ate some raisins watching Daddy and Rory taking part. Rory did lots of running about and seemed to be really enjoying himself, even if he wasn’t taking part in the activities all of the time. Daddy is really good with him. He used to teach SEN PE and has so much passion and patience and it is so worth it for Rory.

We went home and I couldn’t wait to take the buns I made out of the tin foil and hand them out, it almost made Mummy cry because I had remembered and was obviously really proud, handing them out to mummy daddy and rory.

We have started with a cold too this weekend, mostly me, but I always seem to catch things first, and so we chilled at home for the rest of the day in PJS, did lots of playing, we are really starting to play together now, chasing eachother around and all sorts!

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