Ash – get the hoover!

Today was one of those days where you have lots of plans, but everything changes and your day is completely different to what you expected it to be.

We planned on meeting Mummy’s friends Laura & Louise at Play Valley with their children Georgia, Lola & Cole but we got up so early (5am) because a helicopter hovering woke Mummy up, which then woke us up and so we were super tired and fell asleep in the car. And we slept in the car, the whole time with Daddy, and never actually made it into Play Valley at all, which is probably a good thing because it was the busiest Mummy has ever seen it and she didn’t fancy the chaos. Especially as she was brave enough anyway, checking into a play centre, with no children, for her catch up, with a huge migraine on only 4 hours kip, because it had been an unsettled night all round. Luckily, she went back to bed once we got up with Daddy, with some migraine meds and a wing and a prayer she would get through the day – which she did!

As Mummy left Play Valley and jumped in the car (Daddy text to say we were both awake) we decided to go and get lunch at The Glasshouse and it was lovely. We made our way home with full tummies for our second play date of the day with Mummy’s other friend Louisa and our friend Princess Katie. Ironically, Louisa and Katie were also in Play Valley, Mummy spotted Louisa and said a quick hello on her way out. However – to cut a long story short, that didn’t go to plan either and I have grown a love for the outdoors, so I used my increasingly successful gestures and signing to show Mummy, Daddy and Austin that I wanted to play outside and so out we went, for the entire afternoon.

Mummy and Daddy filled the wheely bin with leaves, but there are still millions all over the garden and Mummy was getting really OCD about it, she kept telling Daddy that he wasn’t ‘doing it right’ because he was just ‘sweeping up the majority’ and she wanted ‘every single leaf gone’ and in the end she told him to get Henry Hoover out of the garage, and yep – she started hoovering the grass, the patio, our twin turf, the decking…..she’s not real!Although she says crazy Nannie Di used to hoover there garden so that must be where she gets it from!

Here are some pics of our lovely afternoon in the garden…

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